1. Hell yes a Grendizer game, what???? BRO, WHAT? Like hell yes!

  2. And now I want a mazinger/grandizer world in kingdom hearts, I want sora to fight/pilot an anime mecha

  3. Need to know the sauce for the one on the right, for purely research reasons

  4. Since shizukas not on the list il have to say saya, both could use it but Shizuka needs as much development as possible, I do like her but she’s very flat in her personality and more then the rest is just their for fanservice, I’ve read a fanfic a while ago where the attempt on her at the mall made her change her ways, while not all of it was great it was much better then her normal character

  5. $10 says that in this series that has meanings behind a lot of things and characters, this one was just “it’ll look cool”

  6. If that second one started moving , it would probably be 200x scarier then the last fnaf gamr

  7. That’s actually really cute, also Saya T-posing to assert dominance over takashi, unfortunately it didn’t work as he ended up the main character

  8. The kids claimed they were messengers from Amaterasu, clearly their just descendent’s of qin shi Huang

  9. The high republic isn’t bad it’s just mostly confined to the realm of books so I think a lot of the hype stuff that the high republic is doing flys under the radar

  10. Most people heard of the rock that was alive and could move, didn’t get that it was a joke and claimed Star Wars will never be good again

  11. Except that one guy that ended up blind after seeing her naked (debatable)

  12. Even if she was loyal to you she’d treat you worse then the golems she uses as a literal chair.

  13. Based on “You tell them something and How little they give a fuck”?

  14. Randomly placed next to characters they would have nothing in common with

  15. How the fuck did you get that in your mouth and light it?

  16. Is it a Brazilian thing to drink sweat tea on the morning?

  17. I do, I think after people got over “haha Aphrodite” they forgot about it or focused on the main parts of the series

  18. Is ghandi based on real life or civilization, cause if the later, there would be no fight

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