[OC] “Trump Town” (Technically Boones Mill, VA)

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  1. His name is Kermit! He's not supposed to be inside 🤫

  2. If he’s outdoor you should take the collar off ! So he doesn’t get stuck!

  3. Shouldn’t have outdoor cats in general

  4. Yeah I agree but they already expressed further down that they do. So I was just trying to offer a piece of advice to make it a little safer. Idk why I’m getting downvoted 😔

  5. Very cool simple fit and very relatable vibe lol Godspeed on finals everyone

  6. My small town in South Carolina sent two ambulances with their crews and a fire truck on 9/12. The firetruck was brand new and they ended up letting the FDNY keep it. Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish ended up just buying my town a new fire truck to replace it.

  7. This just taught me that Darius Rucker is the lead singer of hootie and the blowfish. Cool

  8. Right! Like I clearly state, “may I start you with a beverage?” and they just start rattling off food lol. Even better is when it’s a party of several people, everyone orders drinks, and one guy is like, “I’ll have the filet”, and then everyone else starts trying to scramble and order. This happened the other night. I told Filet Guy that I was holding his order until the rest of the table was ready to place their orders and he was irritated; apparently because he wasn’t interested in ordering a drink he thought he could just skip ahead to dinner.

  9. When me and my daughter go out we already know pretty much what we're going to order we do order beverages first though. We're just intent on getting our food and eating it and leaving. We may linger 5 or 10 minutes after we're finished but that's rare. We're usually in a hurry and have a lot of things to do which is a good thing because then the table gets turned over for more guests.

  10. That’s fine. That’s not what I said anything about tho. I like when people give me food and drinks at once I just also like when they go in order and listen to what I say at all

  11. Honestly a college dining hall seems like the absolute optimal place to create an organic waste composting system and have the students separate stuff out just like recyclables. But implementing that costs more than an $8 sign.

  12. My school does this. We send the food waste to local composting farms and shit but I’m in a very agricultural area

  13. As a senior, how should I go about getting some research experience? I feel like it's too late for me to start.

  14. The harp for real cougars. And northhampton.

  15. Yes, I agree with this sooo much. People thought I was crazy whenever I'd say that the sims 4 made me rage quit sometimes. They don't ever listen, and the simulation lag drove me nuts!

  16. Yup I can’t even play anymore I get so frustrated, especially with more than 1 sim. My family of 5 is unplayable. All just standing in a corner or dancing or drinking water

  17. Yes. My Sims would either do that, or they'd just stand there looking around with a dumb grin on their face. And I don't know if it was just my game, but faster game speeds made my Sims lag even more than normal speed, ironically.

  18. And am i just supposed to say "could i get a refill?". And hope they hear me. The name part is for getting their attention as they walk by if they are not actually at my table. "Excuse me April" is to politely draw their attention to me instead of "hey you". My parents taught me manners and being polite.

  19. This is why I don’t give my name tho. If I’m walking by your table and you need a refill it means I can’t do it that second. I’ll be back in a sec!

  20. If I ever need to ask for a refill, you already failed. You should have made sure i didn't run out to begin with.

  21. That’s basically what I’m saying. You don’t need my name. I’ll be over to get you a refill when you need one 😡 and damn bro you aren’t the only customer

  22. Not really. Doesn’t work for me. If it does it crashes within 15 mins 😔

  23. I am a property manager for alot of homes this age. I can assure you if you mess with that your landlord will make sure to get his money worth. Someone did that and he freaked out and when they moved charged them for damaged property. Let's just say he made a lot of money and they prolly can't rent as easily

  24. I’ve said I’m definitely not touching it. Thanks

  25. I have similar plates in my recently bought land-lord special house! I just cleaned all the paint off mine. Hoping to fix up the doors soon.

  26. P.s. I previously had generations, pets, world adventures all installed and the game was fine

  27. Make sure the drinks are never more than half empty, or at least ask if they would like a refill. If it is a drink where it isn't obvious that they will be a charge for the refill (some places charge extra for juices, coffee, etc- remind them of that at the first refill. "Our teas are free refills but the XYZ super juice does have an additional charge. Would anyone like another drink?" )

  28. I agree with you 100%. Tipping should just be eliminated. Raise everyone's wage to at least minimum and then increase the prices a little to make up for it.

  29. Yeah no. I would not be a server for minimum wage

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