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  1. Zero percent chance Toronto makes it out of the first round.

  2. Obvious troll is obvious. Someone ban this idiot.

  3. Oilers vs. Bruins or ‘canes seems to be the most likely.

  4. You mouth breathers are the ones doing the crying😂

  5. Sounds like you're the one crying right now lol what a sensitive little snowflake you are ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

  6. How much further right do those platforms need to go to be right wing enough for you? Auto bans for anyone who so much as says a kind word for the LGBTQIA+ community? Holy shit. Twitter is owned by Elon Musk now and that guy is currently trying to tap in to the Trump cult for his own fanbase.

  7. The fact that you honestly believe all that is fucking astonishing.

  8. There what is?? Everything buddy said is absolute horseshit.

  9. Why are you defending this mother fucking sub-human piece of shit?I hope his life is ruined after this incident. He should not be able to step foot on an ice rink for the rest of his life.

  10. He should pull a Lindros and tell Columbus, Anaheim, and San Jose that he won’t play for any of them if they draft him.

  11. Jack is ours, and he's not for sale. He's one of the best. You can have Spector.

  12. Might have to package Louis with Spec to get rid of that shit bag.

  13. Jones, Fedor, or Fury would fuck Andres shit up real good.

  14. Any Warwick Corvette or Streamer. Personally I play a Corvette Standard 5 and love it.

  15. You just gonna ignore that we had two covid shorten seasons? He’s ppg is down significantly from the last few seasons. You can tell watching him he is hurting. it’s not a matter of effort. He’s passing up shooting opportunities he would take in the past. If you watched him all the time you would know too. It’s very clear he’s not okay.

  16. Significantly down?? He’s a career 1.11 PPG and he’s down to 1.08 this season. Last year was an outlier more than this season.

  17. Over his previous three years he played at a 105 point point pace. This year he’s at a 90 point pace. And of course the goal pace is down even more significantly.

  18. You’re cherry picking stats using his one outlier season. Again, career 1.11 PPG. His best season was 21-22 with 1.45 PPG. This season his at 1.08 PPG. Which of this two numbers is more of an outlier??

  19. The Portland/Seattle rivalry would be legendary

  20. Quebec City and Houston are the only places on this list that make any sense.

  21. It's only about 300 miles from Bozeman to the Canadian border (and it's not Mexico - a river doesn't form the border with Canada).

  22. There’s a few river crossings in the Montana/Alberta border actually.

  23. But the entirety of the MT/AB border is a straight line on the 49th parallel. Any river crossing the border is done at an angle. At no point does the border follow the natural flow of a river

  24. There’s a few spots where the water moves east/west for a couple kilometres. Nothing too significant though.

  25. Drone, Guardian, Molly, Lightning and Brick.

  26. I’d beat the fucking brakes off Harry Potter. Fuck that kid, and his friends.

  27. What’s the thing under Destroyer/Healing drone?? I’ve never seen that thing ever.

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