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  • By - -VRX

  1. It's so difficult to get die Petersilienwurzel here. And once you find it, it is usually in the "healthy food" department, more expensive than mangos and avocadoes. How do you people cook soups? It is essential ingredient.

  2. I feel ya. Although imo the best soups are made with parsley, parsnip and celery root, instead of the dried leaves. You can find them in Coop and Migros.

  3. Secesiune în interiorul UE? Ai un exemplu de precedent? Astea sunt doar spaimele voastre nefondate. Culmea, cei mai spăimoși sunt cei dinafara Ardealului.

  4. Atunci despre ce vorbim aici? Ți-am spus, e doar o spaimă nefondată.

  5. Göbbles would like a word. Ai uitat cata 'istorie' a inventat ca sa sustina teoria rasei ariene.

  6. Others will provide you with recommendations on the trip, but I wanted to add some pieces of advice that you didn't ask for :)

  7. You are awesome, thank you. I'm not the one organising but I'll definitely pass this along.

  8. There are endless possibilities. It depends on how long and challenging the tour should be.

  9. They said it is a hardware failure in a network component.

  10. Yeah, currently in a plane that landed in Basel instead of Zurich 1h ago (but Swiss keeps us in, just in case we can make the last bit soon…)

  11. It pays much better. If you're experienced with hard to find skills, you can consult / contract for multiple companies and make 1.5 - 2 times the money of a regular job while working the same hours.

  12. Another day another Expat being a whiny bitch 🤷‍♂️

  13. You mean to say that they don't do a penis examination when opening a new joint account?

  14. You will likely not have the money to exercise options, so all your gains will come from contract price swings.

  15. Good lord, the smell is so bad I can’t have the windows open. Is this something I can complain about to the Gemeinde?

  16. I can take this one. Mr OP El rėtardo has noticed that weed stocks have already risen 50% in two days. He massaged his smooth head (the brain part, not the scalp) and endeavoured to share his fascinating discovery, after it has already happened. Mr OP El rėtardo then will buy stonk at the precise moment the dump commences, and share with us the market manipulation that has henceforth occurred. We will then laugh

  17. I never thought I'd see a reasonable comment in this sub. It truly must be the end of days.

  18. To add to this, Wlach folklore can be found not only in Romania, but also in places like

  19. You can get the C permit after 5 years, too, if you can prove a B1 level of German. So learning the local language is absolutely worth it.

  20. There's nothing Reddit can offer more in the sense of advice than your own lawyer.

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