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  1. If that's true, excuse my earlier sarcastic tone. Well done with the animation btw! If you want some criticism to improve this further, I'd say work on the lighting of the scene a bit and especially on Evil Water's eyes. The eyes look flat. But overall for a first try, good job!

  2. I just can't believe how much stuff Indians blame on the British! I guess it would be a perfect utopia if not for the British!

  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caste_system_in_India#:~:text=Between%201860%20and%201920%2C%20the,a%20change%20in%20this%20policy

  4. No, you need to turn the option ON in your case.

  5. Why every person who wants to (allegedly...) move to Maya from Blender starts posting with whining and bashing Maya..? Why the hell you are posting Blender UI here? Stay with Blender then. Its like those people who whine about ZBrush UI every-god-damn-release.

  6. Thank you! Almost all the Blender to Maya posts I've seen are just people looking to complain about something. Open Google and search for solutions ffs. YouTube has a treasure of various Maya related tutorials, for FREE! Any good free tutorial will tell you how to adjust and customise the viewport.

  7. my case is different. I came from blender to maya too (because of school) and I absolutely fell in love with it. the problem right now is that I can't buy an autodesk subscriptiom due to it being pricey (like adobe) so i have to stick with blender for the meantime... but man i'd love to go back to maya again!

  8. This might be a controversial opinion and quite frankly get me downvoted, but there are other ways you can have Maya. Companies don't really care if they can get you to learn the software, so they can charge the company you work for while using their software. Of course, only if you really cannot afford it and that is the only hurdle you have against learning Maya.

  9. The best one I've seen yet. Good job! And like the other commenter mentioned, something about the skin feels off. Only if I know this is CG is it barely noticeable though. If it helps, to me, the skin looks as if Keanu is sick or ill perhaps. Skin doesn't look healthy. Skin around his eyes is red/dark. Looks like you need to tweak subsurface settings a bit.

  10. Talk to people. Ask them about the work environment in other studios. Not all the studios are bad, you just need to find a few good ones and try there.

  11. Not OP but you can find similar RGB LED strip sets on Amazon

  12. While we're at it, throw Fredrik Knudsen in there.

  13. Yep, it's possible. Select the node > Click 'Isolate Selected' option in your Arnold Render View window.

  14. Thank you so much but if i want to see the R G P separately is that possible tow ?

  15. Ya, why not? Those are two separate icons, right next to each other. Try it.

  16. "I just came to buy used car for my son, but look at this, just picked up new 150k$ BMW m8."

  17. This is true if your name is Walter White.

  18. Yeah it is, probably will just have the files loose in the same folder as all the maya files as I won’t repath 300 maya files, can’t find any other solution.

  19. Those textures are already assigned to shaders in the scene right? If they are, you can definitely just change the old path to the new one in File Path Manager

  20. Yeah they are, issue I am having is that every object is a single file for the content browser, meaning I have to open every single file and do that. It does work, just a hassle imo.

  21. Got it. You should definitely try the script

  22. Yep, but then it requires re-texturing and OP doesn't seem to know all the lookdev stuff. Maybe there's scripts to convert it but scripts never do decent enough job.

  23. You only need shading, if I recall. Get the textures, plug them into aiStandardSurface. You don't have to paint or do the uv's. Plugging in the textures is a part of Lookdev and OP should really learn it. He should learn basic texturing as well but given that he just wants to practice lighting, that's understandable. Lookdev and compositing are part of lighting imo.

  24. I've seen this one. This trick is done by making a copy of the original guy that appears at the other door while the original is dropped in a tank of water.

  25. Sounds interesting. They should probably make a movie about this concept.

  26. It would get “heavier” as the Oxygen and iron rust. In a gaseous form the O2 is pushing in all directions but as a solid it’s just affected by gravity.

  27. Can anyone explain why he's downvoted? Technically he's right, isn't he? Mass would remain the same inside the container, while the weight would definitely be affected due to the change from free particles to bound particles (iron oxide), right? Or am I messing something up? Because original commenter asked about weight and not mass.

  28. You need to play around with the shaders a lot. Introduce reflective surfaces (cupboards, chairs, table,...); not too much or plastic-ky but subtle reflections with maybe light sources off screen? Or an open window? Make use of hdri maps. If you can, change the light cylinders on your ceiling, they look extremely odd here. Either make them smaller or get them further into the ceiling so that only a cm or 2 cm is sticking out of the ceiling. Finally, assuming you're using Arnold, you will have to bump up your Diffuse, Specular and Camera AA samples. There is currently too much grain in your scene which I'm assuming can be fixed by increasing Diffuse samples by 1 or 2 of the current value. Also increase the shadow samples in your lights' attributes settings to atleast '2'.

  29. Watch a quick tutorial on youtube with "unwrapping tutorial maya beginner" in the search bar. Check if that was what you're looking for.

  30. If you're going for a wind energy theme only, I'd suggest adding cloth at a few places, and simulating them. To show that strong winds are blowing in your scene.

  31. Are you telling me that a stealthy villain, who apparently had the uber hacking skills to wirelessly hack an iPhone, did not include code to delete his number? Or use a burner number? No, I don't think your theory is correct. If you're so incompetent that you have to resort to such needlessly complicated gimmicks to delete a phone number, you might just as well give up on your villainy.

  32. Apart from what many people have suggested here, render the race track and earth/background separately. You'll have better control adjusting the look in Photoshop/AE/Nuke.

  33. This is the second time I'm seeing someone calling those marble. They are clearly just ceramic tiles with a marble pattern.

  34. Amon Amarth is mostly Viking Themed, but not about being superior to anyone else. Sings about Odin and so on. One of my favorite Metal Bands of all time.

  35. Isn't Tom a hardcore Trump supporter though? I don't think a Nazi or white supremacist, but definitely a red flag.

  36. I'm not a 100% sure about this, but try tweaking the Scalar Zero Value in the Displacement node's attributes. Usually +/- the Displacement value works for me.

  37. This is amazing! A few things I observed though which might help: 1) Usually there is a subtle edge around the red, lip area and the skin. Looks like it's absent in your model. 2) The hair on her face (nose, chin, etc) look a little longer. Shorten them slightly.

  38. In the Skydome attributes window, under the "visibility" tab, turn the "Camera" from 1 to 0.

  39. Yes I know that but still doesn't work when I render I still have a black background

  40. Isolate an object from your scene along with the Skydome light and use the "render selected" option and check the render.

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