Pavel (by me Steffen Hartmann, 2022)

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  1. A friend of mine is dating a cop. Her boyfriend told her that he joined the force to try and make it better, to call out bad cops, and provide justice for those who weren’t getting it. After reporting bad behavior and abuse of power that he witnessed in other cops, he has been demoted to the point where all he does is paper work. They abuse his work hours and basically control his entire life. He’s been working for the past few years on retiring early. He’s said that being a cop has completely drained him.

  2. I’m obsessed! The phone mic is such a good idea and I love the quality it gives to the song💕

  3. I was just going to ask if you work in a costume shop! So do I! Love this outfit, so beautiful💕

  4. Are you telling me those are four different blond women?? Y’all all of the Bates sisters looking shockingly similar

  5. This woman seems so rotten. She is constantly talking about things that she hates. I can’t imagine having so much hatred constantly in my heart.

  6. Girl no one is telling you to use ze/zer pronouns. Shut up and mother your child you hateful dumbass

  7. Unrelated but this is a wonderful example of fundie women having shitty home making skills. That meal made me sad.

  8. I don’t think the issue people have with Jeffery Damher is the gay part… I think it might be the eating people part

  9. If this is the Wawa on Aramingo, I was in there earlier today and it was busy as hell to begin with. I feel bad for the employees

  10. They preach modesty and her husbands hand was in her birth canal on TV goodbye I’m blasting off to Mars!!

  11. No, you can locate/feel a baby's head by touching the belly, I'm 99,99 % sure there was no internal feeling going on.

  12. This reminds me a bit of Manayunk in Philadelphia, probably my favorite area in the whole city. So quaint and beautiful

  13. The purple braces really made me imagine him in the chair at the orthodontist picking out which color he wanted

  14. She really said birth wasn’t scary and that she ripped open her pussy in one breath, huh?

  15. Beautiful job! I love the texture on this piece. Did you use procreate?

  16. The red onions?? And cooking the basil???? My ancestors are rolling in their graves right now

  17. Ok OP, where's the sweater from, hand over the details 🔫😠

  18. It’s actually a hand me down from a friend but the tag says American Eagle !

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