1. Never noticed any of that. I think they keep to themselves. I know they don't smile but that may be a cultural thing or maybe due to too much botox,

  2. For sure is cultural. Could win the lotto mid threesome and still never smile.

  3. You have 2 more listeners than me so great job!! Keep it up.

  4. Well, when I started living out of my suitcase I had to replace my band mates with... Little sound making light up boxes that can be looped lol.

  5. Hey thanks! Yeah the studio version drum track sounds a bit better (out March 25) but nothing replaces live drummer. Haven't found one yet here in Bangkok.

  6. I liked this a lot. You’re a great violinist.

  7. Thanks man! I've got my full band stuff on Spotify but after this post i think I should just just make a chill violin album like this clip. Whatcha think?

  8. I looooooove electric violin, so I’m. All for that. I followed your Reddit and YouTube so I won’t miss new stuff.

  9. Sweet man! Yeah that's my new direction. Something about these last couple months in Thailand, I just wanna play some more chill violin stuff haha. New stuff soon, you made my day bud.

  10. The dots would need to be tripled then multiplied by a lot. Then tripled again.

  11. Have one of these power supplies to power everything and it's amazing. You have 3... That's wild! The absolute power you have!

  12. Get it!!! A smidge of gain/verb/comp on your voice might be golden - "armchair bandmate" (~love the axe~)

  13. Haha you're in the band! Good advice. Yeah this is just direct to mixer. Vocals only going through a TC helicon duplicator which is pretty clean (just a little doubler and verb). I need a better mic. If i don't deep throat this one it's just too quiet no matter the gain on mixer.

  14. Your presence, composition, and performance are solid nonetheless. Keep writing!!

  15. Maybe it is a scam (the job) but telegram itself is used worldwide and is a normal video conference tool outside USA.

  16. Skype... Are you my grandma?

  17. Awesome! Intro credits to a movie in 86 at a ski lodge or something like that.

  18. Didn't listen yet but love the title of your post 😂

  19. I'm gonna guess you've only actually spoken to one or two.

  20. You can change the settings so it won't switch presets until you click in the button, and can turn it freely.

  21. Omg really? Is this new? Where how please

  22. This is great guys we gotta hold on to what we've got. It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not. We've got each other and that's a lot. Well give it a shot and we're def livin on a prayer

  23. That would be a good first impression, not sure why you assume negative connotations.

  24. Probably because there are tons of posts on here dissing them for some reason. I'm guessing he was referring to those.

  25. Lol well good luck! Report back!

  26. Dude it's like 7.50 now. I started with a 100 shares in the spac days. Back when i though 10-15 was a good price. Then have been averaging down.... And down.... And down.... If we keep going like this I'll double down.

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