Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. Modern Charge of the Light Brigade. Need to be brave as hell.

  2. Angle 40-87 MANPAD shot at our planes! Copy?

  3. Does anyone know if the UA managed to capture any of these ?

  4. Yes, 1 in Hostomel airport. But is was damaged and abandoned.

  5. Izyum - done, Liman - done! Its almost like UA army playing with cheats =) All Kharkiv front collapsed in 3 days. Who would have thought that counteroffensive would be such effective?

  6. On this video we can see a clear proof of famous russian We don't leave ours! /s

  7. Here is an article about Pioneer, but its kinda close

  8. God damn this fucking music is annoying

  9. I loved the last scene with Kim. After where their relationship had left off up to that point, it was so incredibly comforting to see her hand him that cigarette and them just lean against the wall again. I found it a really positive conclusion.

  10. No clear info. But most experts suspect drones attack.Ammunition depot in Dzhankoy is just a huge pile of ammo in the open field, pretty easy to hit.

  11. Seems like this tank was already detracked. Perhaps the engineers were digging up the rest of landmines nearby and put them on top of this tank like i put my iphone on top of my car roof sometimes.

  12. I am not sure about mines. But this is from descreiption:

  13. Just asking out of curiosity, is there any footage of Ukrainian soldiers being blown up by russian drones like this?

  14. I ve seen few strikes with a military Kub drones. If we are talking about commercial drones - only few separatists video with a grenade in the cup. Not comparable with amount of UA drone strikes.

  15. Damn, they caught them in the right moment.

  16. Not just 1 card but Questing beast with Embercleave attack forced so many people to concede after they blocked with everybody. =)

  17. Yes, its broken.I was around 1k and after ONE win in Historic ladder it shows i am 242, which is impossible.

  18. They were the ones who speaeheaded the battle of Trostianets, that literally destroyed a whole regiment of the 1st Tank Army, counter-attacked around Kharkiv and are just leaving a trail of destroyed vehicles behind them. They also have quite a large number of trophy tanks operational (T-72B3s, T-80Us and T-80BVMs)

  19. Yes. In recent interview they said - 11 captured rus tanks including one T-80BVM

  20. Actually is safer in this case, most of these tanks only got disabled by mines instead of destroyed by ATGMs. Crew likely survived with minor injuries.

  21. Usually crew jumps off the tank in matter of seconds after hit. We dont see it here, might be a bad sign for the crew.

  22. It's scary to think how many mines and unexploded ordinance will be left in farmers fields after the war ends.

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