1. Because whoever made this map had no idea what they were doing and decided to make up criteria for including certain breakaway territories/regions while ignoring others.

  2. That's not NC. It's the UN Buffer Zone they drew there.

  3. Why is the buffer zone drawn the same as a country border then?

  4. Yes, pishik and indigenous Mixi Mishi looks very similar and sound similar too, however Mixi comes from Spanish mishi mishi, the sound you call a cat with.

  5. Yes, it most probably is onomatopoeic. Still interesting so thought Id share.

  6. Thanks for including Hebrew, but you got it backwards. Hebrew spelling goes right to left. It's actually spelled "לַבְּרִיאוּת", which is pronounced as labri'út.

  7. I’m sorry it’s because of the app I used. I explained that to people on Instagram, thanks for bringing that up here, too. 🙌

  8. Alhamdulillah is said by the sneezer, not the person next to them. That’s why it’s not included here. But for sure you’re right

  9. I'm guessing, teacher=professor in this map? Also, why isn't there "profesor" on Croatia, like on Italy.

  10. Professor in languages appearing here is translated as Teacher to English.

  11. In Russian we have only 450 Arabic borrowings, like "sirop (syrop), garem (harem), zhasmin (jasmin), cifra (number), tarif (fare), mechet' (mosque), kaif (bliss, joy, pleasure)"

  12. whats the source? i want to include russian in second part

  13. celtic not even featured lol

  14. The reason is that the Proto-Celtic pronoun meaning “I” is derived from a different root (from the Proto-Indo-European pronoun *me, which means “me” in English).

  15. According to Kortlandt, *jàzъ derives from Proto-Balto-Slavic *ēˀź(un)

  16. you're responding to the wrong person. i was literally pointing out to them that the sea and countries without data are two different colours.

  17. I'm from north of France, and we have an expression 'c'est sur' (don't know the wording, purely oral) when we talk about something with a sour/bitter taste.

  18. That side note is about that word (suret/sur). Thanks for contributing!

  19. Though it doesn't make much sense. Polish kum doesn't have much in common with other Slavic languages. Actually kva-kva or rather kwa Kwa of how it would be written here is sound of the ducks.

  20. Because it already says it is based on language families, not etymological origins.

  21. the word niente is not related to this phrase ffs

  22. I can add some 🇭🇺 Hungarian ones:

  23. If OP is OC, he just forgot to switch the background, he kept the french made one.

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