1. It’s actually cheaper 🙄 8.99 cad is cheaper than 7.99 usd. Not sure how so many people are confused by this. Different currencies have different values. A coke in Mexico is 15 pesos. That isn’t “more” than $1 just because it’s a bigger digit. Currencies have intrinsic value

  2. When are you drinking - 2010?!! These prices are unbelievable!!

  3. Gonna borrow some from my wife's boyfriend! Just for wur

  4. This is awesome dude!! I just put the table and have a similar setup like you. I am hunting for some ideas on making a cue rack. Also have the same winmau that I'll be putting up.

  5. Nope we're not limited to long guns only, you have full access to whatever's available for sale in California. The whole process was pretty quick, no delays, but just make sure to go to an FFL that's chill and knows how to fill out Form 4473 appropriately. So here's what I did:

  6. Oh, but probably just get a handgun on your first purchase and then wait the 30 days to do any shopping sprees. My FFL told me basically once you get your first gun, the DOJ can't really justify not letting you get more

  7. What's the 30 days waiting for? There is no cool down period as far as I am aware in SD.

  8. Thank you I will do this, I'm probably going to wait for the FBI get back to me telling me why I was denied first but that sounds like a good suggestion.

  9. Same situation dude - how did you contact NCIS to get a reason for denial?

  10. I'd like to get them...we're having major issues with getting formula where I am...to the point I got some from Canadian costco a while back

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