Evil Geniuses vs. MAD Lions / 2022 World Championship Play-In - Qualification Round / Post-Match Discussion

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  1. Are we going back to Alistar jungle? God bless

  2. Was looking for someone to notice. Thankfully not all have forgotten the era of alistar jg

  3. Wait, as someone who does absolutely no web development, i thought networking was something with limited capability on the web. I looked into porting a multiplayer game to wasm but there was no way to set up a udp connection so I scrapped the idea.

  4. Nepal has borders with China. They had no option

  5. The border is 100 miles of himilayas then desert. Theyre basically almost 500 miles from any major town in china. Much more reliant on india

  6. I haven't tried MDMA and I don't know anything about potential dangers of mixing it with n2o but I'd assume you take it the same way as always. Fill up a balloon, sit or lie down because if you're standing you might fall over and you don't want that to happen, empty your lungs, inhale from the balloon, exhale into it, inhale again and repeat until you feel the need to breathe actual air again. Also make sure not to let the gas fill your lungs beyond their capacity, I've read about a case where some kid died because he over filled his lungs and basically tore them.

  7. Anyone know why she slides on close stance (left foot in front) on the las FH (while she slides on open stance for a BH, djokovic style) ? It's really really impressive, but usually players slides on their right foot

  8. Because she can and she probably didnt have the right spacing for her steps to land with an open stance. Most people just dont have the core strength and flexibility to do it like iga so you dont usually see it

  9. Buy a nice used racket from ebay, you can usually find decent 5-8 year old models for around $50, barring any structural damage they will always be better than a cheap new racket. I personally believe string is a huge factor when it comes to playability. It took me a long time to find a setup that worked but when I did it was night and day

  10. If its a deep heavy ball thats hard to attack, ill do the same back. If its a shorter high ball, ill really try to place a heavy ball deep into one of the corners. But my biggest strength is if its slow and high enough, ill get into position to hit an overhead even from the baseline, if you do it right itll feel a lot like a serve but with a much bigger margin

  11. Follow up question: are Costco Penn balls considered “off brand”?

  12. Thats what I always bought when I was being frugal, they are still by far the best bang for your buck but once you get used to nicer tennis balls they just feel cheap and inconsistent. Until youre a 4.5 id say they are the best balls

  13. The way they hold their racket when not playing. Tennis players develop these idiosyncrasies like playing with their strings, holding a racket in their off hand by the throat when not using it.

  14. I saw a girl with a backpack carrying a single racket in her hand walking down the sidewalk in front of my house, told her she had to be good by the way she was holding the racket, turned out she was a d1 player lol. Just something about it

  15. The whole danny thing is unfortunate but my man kaori stepping up is the best possible outcome

  16. Decent 4.5 utr 6, you cant play like that against a 5.0 because they will be just as consistent but have the offensive shots to win points.

  17. There are a few 4.5 players ive seen in the 8-9 utr range but the more I play with people in the 6/7 utr range with dozens of tournaments in the last year (for rating reliability) I realize its more of the utr not being accurate. Id say 8 is when you get to a 5.0 level. Theres a big disparity between ratings given to casual players who play maybe 2 tournaments a year and players like high level juniors and collegiate players who play dozens of tournaments over the year, for which the rating is a lot more accurate. The casual players are rated too high and the serious players rated too low.

  18. Not that either of these are foolproof, but ive been to a couple festivals that require some walking, two separate times I couldnt walk so I got a disability pass for a shuttle. They bring me around back and wave me through every time, one of them I just load up my backpack and walk in like im some vip.

  19. Also they are getting older; you can’t really help reaction times decreasing naturally from about 25

  20. As i said, nadal had enough time to sit down before the ball got to them. And reaction time only decreases by about 20ms, so the difference between 200 and 220 ms isnt that much

  21. It’s a normal part of tennis and the correct strategy play in almost all cases when it’s easy to hit a person who is a big target to take the point. So soft

  22. Whats funny is this is just a result of all of them not being great at doubles. Rips from the baseline give you plenty of time to react, nadal was literally able to sit down before the ball got to him. Any decent doubles pro wouldnt have even blinked as they block that shot slightly cross court for a winner. Nadal and fed just arent used to it.

  23. I mean how would I do that with C++? I'll likely need a graphics library right? Which one should I use? I am also interested in learning one that would be most beneficial for a career.

  24. OpenGL 100%, or try out raylib first, its a beginner friendly graphics library with platform support for basically everything.

  25. From my time in esports subs, many companies do that.

  26. Signed and unsigned types are interchangeable in C, the only difference Im aware of is right shifting a negative number will keep the leftmost bit enabled to preserve the sign. If you use %d instead of %u youll see its not a random number

  27. Part of why Star Trek refused as much as possible to say how powerful their computers were as a show made in the 1980s (Next Generation) about star system spanning civilization in the 2300s it was just hard to even speculate.

  28. Data at one point said he had the computation power of 6 60 tflops

  29. the tflop was probably an antiquated term of measurement like rods or hogsheads are to us, maybe he was being ironic.

  30. Its to change direction faster, its usually because of a misstep with the outer foot where youre pivoting too high on your outside foot and you need gravity to help change direction. Its like standing a stick at 45°, push it up a little bit and it will fall back quickly. Push a little more and itll get to the point where the time it takes to come back down is pretty significant in comparison to the difference in force you pushed it with

  31. The way you improve anything else, with deliberate practice. Have a section of the tennis court that you and your hitting partner need to hit it into, size depending on your skill. Try to get as many in a row as you can with your normal shots. Switch it up so there are 2 spots you can hit it in so youre not hitting the same ball every time

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