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  1. Hey! Not sure if anyone can help, but I'm moving to Columbus and looking to open a non-profit contemporary art gallery and rent studio spaces in the back of a larger commercial warehouse/retail space. Any ideas on locations that would be good for such an endeavour would be very appreciated!

  2. I'm OK with defunding more of the military, as long as the funding goes towards housing or other economically equalizing initiatives.

  3. No one likes to admit they ate 9 cans of ravioli

  4. It's funny, all the public art galleries (most) have fees to enter, while ALL commercial galleries are free. Ironic? But yes, its very sad that its still expensive to enter these spaces. If we had more public funding it would help.

  5. They have historically always stayed under budget except in 2011 and budget was set earlier in the year well before current prices moved much higher. With $11M more revenue per Q and new barrels per day added this Q is looking to be closer to $25M in revenue if oil prices hold and production is added. Their June 8K calculates their forward outlook on 12 month avg of oil which is $39.57 oil and $2 gas. Average 3 month prices are about $70 oil and 3.65 gas and at a 10% discount for hedging and forwards contracts is 60% higher price on Oil and 82% on Gas higher than those calculations.

  6. Any new thoughts with the recent dist?

  7. Correct. I was expecting PBT to range towards $7-8 in Aug but oil prices took a significant hit in July-Aug with Delta variant concerns and the technical break to multi year highs. The amount of production added is fairly high for these oil prices and has a potential to run to the $20s again with a bit of volume off that higher cash distribution over multiple months.

  8. This all makes sense thanks again. The only question I still have is where can we see the remaining debt to be paid off? I’ve been looking through their recent filings and I’m probably just blind but can’t see them

  9. I appreciate it, luckily mostly sniffles but first week of school became home school.

  10. still, its pretty nerve racking. Lost my aunt to COVID its no joke.

  11. I'm sorry for your loss. It's such a crazy disease and so different from person to person. A friend of ours that's in his mid 30s, really fit, and an ex marine with no underlying issues ended up in the hospital yesterday within 24hrs of feeling sick due to low O2 and fainting.

  12. Yeah, thats what makes it truly scary. Hard to just go back to normal. Hope everyone else in your family and friends stay safe

  13. I think he's saying more, is it fair if you, through maybe invisible barriers, have a much lower chance of making enough money to live in a bachelor than someone like yourself, who obviously has either worked very hard, got lucky, or was born into it to afford comfortable housing. Maybe we shouldn't have to pick work two jobs and a side hustle just to live on our own? Many other countries have working models of how this can be successful.

  14. Maybe it's time as a society we changed our expectations and we all lived good lives. Or do you really think the way we live as a society is the best it could be?

  15. My PT for July originally was a run to $7-11 and August the run to $17 with a chance to hit the low to mid $20s. Oil price and OPEC output against new wells and production from PBT all need to be met but I'm very happy with the current landscape.

  16. Thanks so much! Do you think that PBT paying down debt will affect the stock price for this play?

  17. I guess I'm asking how the current debt to profit ratio may affect OP's original post

  18. Hey! Still bullish on this? WTI crude is only at 73.5 but still time to hit 80 before July 20

  19. Yes, I am still 100% in. I don't expect my major catalyst of the cash distribution increase to hit until after June 18th and July 20th for decleration. I plan to hold my shares through August at bare minimum based on my analysis and outlook. I may exercise my options around that time as well. I do t want this to pump and dump but rather grind up before those catalyst so that it can hold the higher levels and create strong support for continuation.

  20. Its looking pretty good, right? I'm loving the constant move upwards. Here's to hoping oil keeps it going

  21. For me, it was the death of John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey in the Trailer Park Boys). He was such a sweet soul

  22. This is very impressive. Still feeling like the PBT options for sept are a great play, hoping to see some moves near the end of June/beginning of July.

  23. Hey! What do you think so far of the meeting? I'm reading some encouraging news but would love your opinion

  24. Everything that was expected happened and I think the market will continue to be bullish through summer. Also you may note that there's some Biden news:

  25. Amazing, thanks so much for helping translate all of this. You're a star

  26. Your predictions seem to be moving in the right direction!

  27. Saw you posted this on penny stocks as well - what’s the importance being beside with the the clean oil fields? Are you saying they lease the land out to that company? Also, how do you estimate the upcoming dividends amount ?

  28. ok. $450. $3 per month. Or $1 over 30 years for just Toronto residents. i'd be utterly SHOCKED if there was $0 from province and federal for this new unbeleivable parkland but ok.

  29. Maybe provide some real DD instead of copy and pasting from their website if you're going to label this "DD". I'm not trying to be mean, but do you happen to know anything else other than this is a penny stock with potential to find gold and backed by some experienced gentlemen? If so, I think this could be a great find!

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