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  1. I hear a lot of 70's Judas Priest, Black Sabbath's less dark stuff, and UFO in early VH. But obviously Eddie was a wicked creative player and did things with those influences that probably nobody else would've done.

  2. I loved nearly all of the gameplay, aside from the pixel hunts. I could've forgiven the terrible story if only it would've let me ignore it. Make the cutscenes skippable and this could've been a solid game.

  3. Wolverine and The Ultimates were the shit. Hated everything else of his I've read, but I thought Wanted was especially awful.

  4. They are part of the canis genus but not really the same as a domestic dog. They are situated somewhere in between wolf and dog. There is a lot of dingo/dog hybrids though similar how to there are wolf/dog hybrids.

  5. Imo, seasons 1 and 2 weren't as good as ATLA (first half of s1 was especially weak), but seasons 3 and 4 were better.

  6. twice now I've read this as Pamela Grier and said. oh, pretty, but feeling a little sad that I didn't see Pam Grier naked.

  7. There was a British nudie-mag photographer in the 50s/60s named Harrison Marks (who probably shot this, since he shot most of the June Palmer pics floating around the internet) who had a lot of his models shave. I don't know this for certain, but I strongly suspect it was to get around some law or industry regulation that forbade the showing of public hair.

  8. Some kind of Neoscona orb weaver, probably N. crucifera (aka spotted or Hentz orb weaver), but it's hard to say for sure with the sun shining through it like that. Possibly N. arabesca.

  9. I wanted an honest opinion on if I should watch it or not.

  10. The way it was worded made me wonder if there was some other version that I didn't know about. But yes, it's a great show, definitely worth your time. Very consistent from start to finished (as opposed to LoK, which started out weak but got better).

  11. Maybe if Hirsch had full veto power over every creative decision, but only then.

  12. Looks kind of like a yellow-collared scape moth, but none of the ones I've seen have had antennae that long.

  13. The length of the antennae and the feathering on them indicates that it’s a male. The longer, feathery antennae allow them to detect female pheromones easier and locate the females with more accuracy

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