1. woahhh actually that's genius and $$$

  2. Need some recommendations for a weekend event. Want to get out of the house. Music gigs, sporting events, festivals, whatever. Just want to get out and about in a crowd. What should I do?

  3. The Georgia fair is coming up in Perry GA

  4. Just arrived for a month. Where am I going? What am I eating? Where am I drinking? Give me the most normal recommendations you can. No tourist shit.

  5. Westside Park is new and fun on a good weather day. Eight Sushi, antico pizza, nuevo Laredo cantina, LOA Rooftop, concert at Chastain park, massage at treat your feet

  6. This sub is dead lol where y'all at

  7. Then yes anavar is the best tolerated by women. As long as your training and diet is 100%, 5-10mgs anavar will be great. Go over to

  8. We charge $7k-$12k for complete user stories and designs…

  9. Been here my whole life. Never experienced this Florida like weather to this extent

  10. I’m not hiring but your portfolio is amazing!!

  11. I’m writing a research paper on how caffeine alters our perception of other humans and can cause an extroverted person to become extremely introverted due to its psychoactive effects on neurological pathways and cognitive understanding. The data is shocking and makes me want to reevaluate my own caffeine consumption.

  12. I’ll do the marketing for you, replace him

  13. My old pup is at the point in her life where boarding or staying at someone else's house isn't good for her when we go out of town, so I'm in the process of finding someone to come look after her at my house for some upcoming trips. I don't have any close friends who live close enough that coming here 3x a day for more than a week wouldn't be a major burden. Y'all, how do you know who you can trust in your house unsupervised with all of your belongings and personal information? I'm planning to lock shit down as best I can before we leave, but it still makes me super nervous. Am I overly paranoid or do other people also worry about this?

  14. I’m a dog sitter that stays in the home if you want to DM me!

  15. Hi - did you find a developer for this project yet?

  16. We are speaking to some individuals Do you have a portfolio or site I can review? Along with experience in using Piranha?

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