1. I’ve been a remote employee for 5 years and I finally bought a refurbished chair from Crandall at the beginning of quarantine when I got my stimulus check. I had been using my husband’s gaming chair and it was causing sciatica. I got a steelcase leap II. They allow you to upgrade the fabric and cushion. I ended up spending just over $500 vs about $900 new. It’s made a big difference in my posture and comfort while I’m working. There’s a reason why offices spend the money to buy comfortable chairs. You work much longer when you’re comfortable. The cost wasn’t insignificant for me and was completely worth the price. There’s a 400 lb weight limit.

  2. This is a really tough situation. Definitely don’t let him hold baby when he’s drinking. It’s a dangerous situation if he falls or drops the baby or falls asleep.

  3. I'm suprised I had to scroll this far to see someone recommend a hard stop when he tries to hold the baby. At the very least, this boundary should be enforced: no touching, holding, changing, or otherwise interacting with the baby when alcohol is involved "drunk" or not.

  4. Where did you find new doors like this? I’ve been looking forever to replace some and can’t find them.

  5. If there are any architectural salvage stores in your area, check there. I got three doors that matched the rest in my house last year. I had them stripped at a shop and the total cost was $400, all in, for 3 doors. Cheaper than buying new and they look like they've always been here!

  6. Here are the things I’ve bought in the past five years that have made my office more comfortable for me.

  7. I stopped buying soda and replaced it with sparkling waters. Turns out, it's the carbonation that scratches the itch for me.

  8. We got a soda stream and add a splash of Citrus juice and it’s just enough to make me forget about any sugary drinks.

  9. I would be aggravated too. You can still use it though. Wouldn't that just thrill them 😊

  10. I’m due next week and we’re naming our son the same name as my nephew 🤷‍♀️ I don’t think anyone in our family cares.

  11. I’d talk to your doctor and see if you could get a medical exemption.

  12. When I was hired they flew me across the country once a month for a few months to visit the office and train. After a few months they decided it wasn’t necessary.

  13. Every time I've weaned off caffeine, my migraines have decreased.

  14. I've found it's impossible for me, my family and my job, but

  15. I'm very lucky to get 5 weeks of PTO a year. I take 1-2 days a month, scheduled in advance. I send my daughter to daycare and stay home. I usually try to do one self-care thing that day, like a pedicure or massage, and then unfortunately spend the rest of the day cleaning the house and running errands, but it makes me feel much better mentally to get things off my plate, even if they're not self-care.

  16. I am using my 4 weeks PTO before due date. "I am TIRED. My body is tired. My feelings are tired. My brain is tired." I could have written this. I now have 1 week left and I have been crying before work for the past couple days. There is no way this is better for the baby then resting. Time for yourself is important - take it.

  17. I’m 38+5, on the induction list at the hospital and I am bone tired, uncomfortable and very emotional. I’m still working because I’m remote and I don’t want to “waste pto” that I’ll most certainly need after my maternity leave but I’m completely unproductive and dead weight at work.

  18. 62 during the day, 60 at night. We had a $490 USD gas bill last month. Our house is 225 years old. We have storm windows, use plastic covers on the windows that have drafts. I wear wool under layers during the day and have feather duvets at night. My husband and I both work from home so we’re here all day but still keep the house cold. In New Jersey.

  19. All the frigging time. Completely aside from the stuff that has been confiscated.

  20. Yes, completely glossing over the fact that spontaneous labours take on average 4-8 hours, depending on where you start counting. Who wants to wait that long? Why are you so desperate to see a baby a few hours old?

  21. 24 hours with my first. I would have been so stressed out if I felt like I needed to speed up because people were waiting in the waiting room!

  22. Oh yeah. 38+4 and I cry every day. The rest of my pregnancy hasn’t been like this.

  23. You can make just a shelf. My radiator is flatter on top than yours, but you can put spacers on the underside to level it up. This has moulding around three sides and on the back is just a small tab to keep it from sliding forward. It's popular with the cats.

  24. I made one similar to this and used ceramic floor tiles to give some space in between the wood and the metal. It worked well!

  25. We moved in 2020 partly so my husband and I could have our own offices. I chose the third floor for mine, where no one bothers me. He’s on the second floor and ends up being pulled into many more distractions than I do.

  26. Sure but this house is a typical Chester co stone farmhouse and from OPs profile it looks like they live in Chester co pa.

  27. I'm looking for a nanny in the Philly area! Do you have a link to the forum you used?

  28. Mine cleared up once I weaned at 12 months. She started sleeping through the night at 6 months, but I think once I wasn't producing milk I started to be able to think about other things. Of course, I went back at 9 weeks (US Maternity leave is awful) so I had 9 months of non-functioning time at work.

  29. Here are the things I’ve bought in the past five years that have made my office more comfortable for me.

  30. I added a rolling cart for storage and a door in an awkward space like this.

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