I hope this story never ends. This is how to celebrate the holiday season.

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  1. A mon avis c’est un peu démodé maintenant dans un milieu professionnel, et oui je trouve ça familier

  2. Mandatory FYI: A dingo did, in fact, eat that one lady’s baby.

  3. If it was in the morning I may have been the piano player lol

  4. I awkwardly clapped after and mumbled thank you and scurried off. I was there for morning and afternoon!

  5. Cool! I was pretty focused on the keys so only noticed a few people stopping. It was my first time checking out the JFK pianos and I hadn’t played in probably 7 years or so. Not a professional at all, just like and miss playing piano! Will definitely be using them when I can.

  6. Are you sure this isn't some kind of barrow and you're not going to be planting some carrots on top of the skelton of some long lost king?

  7. Had stuff like this from the 1800s all over in rural mid-atlantic

  8. Yeah definitely reminded me of Shenandoah Valley area, even MD panhandle by WV

  9. The Dungeness crab season has been such a banger so far. Catching 5 or more crabs at ocean beach in just two hours each time I go. I know it won’t stay like this once the commercial fishing season starts so I selfishly hope the whales hang around for a bit longer.

  10. anyone else struggle to find a level spot in their apt to put their bathroom scale? I have hardwood floors that are crazy uneven, like I feel the outline of individual planks that are higher than the others when I walk. try different areas and get different weights, even in the tiled bathroom. Don’t know if there’s a solution just ranting :/

  11. I second cleanups if you want limited but nonzero social interactions! I also like hanging out in GGP, or checking out shops etc.

  12. is there a practical reason (e.g. the climate) for the building to look like this? What is the benefit to having like 4 roofs on top of each other like this?

  13. I wear these daily and wasnt expecting this callout 🫠

  14. TL needs a hard gentrification. Imagine if we cleaned up the TL? It wouldn't even be hard. Remove restrictions and allow developers to come in and buy everyone out. We could replace this warzone with modern $2M condos. All the crazies and crackheads would be pushed out and the TL would be a lovely neighborhood.

  15. I like the sound of the cobblestones matchjng his movement. Longboard asmr!

  16. What do you think about the idea of museums returning remains or cultural artifacts back to their countries of origin? And what on your thought on the ownership of those items/remains?

  17. a lot of fog just blew eastward from GGP, you all should get it soon

  18. The West Coast oil and natural gas markets function almost independently of the rest of the US.

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