1. I wonder did someone got led poisoning from beyblade?

  2. You would literally have to gargle the beyblade in your mouth if you want lead poisoning. Or grind it down to a fine powder and sniff it

  3. "what do you consider before buying a new bey" The answer should be "it's availability in my area"

  4. A lot of people use it interchangeably but just go with what your typing program corrects it to. Don't need to think too much about it

  5. 170 stones no Jojo of any sort or dio

  6. Price of Gigas, dranzer gt and dj wyvern?

  7. I run milk in simulation team: milk, centi, modernia, Drake, noise. I can sustain all the way to 5c like this

  8. Look through jp yahoo auction, Mercari jp, and world beyblade organization buy and sell forum to get a proper gauge of the prices. eBay is a terrible place to get your pricing.

  9. There are no cheap sites. They stopped production of plastic gen for almost 20 yrs now, you'll only find second hand products from individuals. You will have to dig around to price match. Look into:

  10. I actually found this stadium more fun with metal fight beyblades

  11. Nice! Where did you find them?

  12. I don't think you would want Emma's cooking

  13. Prydwen meta guide has something on Drake and character review talks about it

  14. Been looking for those for a long while too

  15. This is to give players "a sense of pride and accomplishment"

  16. Wbo sell forum and this reddit page would be a start.

  17. They are both fake. You can tell by the low spots and imperfections in the plastic molding. Real ones won't have any of that.

  18. From the looks of it you haven't collected all the relics in every stage. The relic should open up enough slots in your synchro at the outpost to house all your ssr. Then you can play around with the different units in the team comps

  19. Jesus thanks this was awesome 👌. My 100 dollars got me nothing. my luck is so bad damn.😔

  20. Your luck isn't bad game just rigged with bad rates

  21. There is... Mileage shop but Jesus Christ. That too is an L.

  22. Oh I forgot mileage shop is even a thing cuz the game is so stingy for f2p

  23. It should have honestly been 100 golden tickets instead of 200. My god.

  24. Wouldn't be an issue if they give us more draws than this 100 gem bs

  25. If the venesian is the one with engine gear you could charge over 200$ and orthos I see go we s for around 180 for nib so you decide on that

  26. Has to be hms record because they are thicker than plastic gen

  27. it's the best price vs delivery time. Other private services like ups, DHL, FedEx always handles packages poorly but I never had a bad experience with ems

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