1. When y’all get a second, I got a question 😊

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  3. I probably wouldn't take it. This is a 5-10 person start up looking to be bigger than it is. If you checked the few employee profiles on LinkedIn you can see if was founded by

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  6. Would love to attend a chat on how to hire a sales leader or the first few folks in a sales team for a business you may have. I have a tech startup and I'd love to know what functions/roles (marketing, content team, etc) need to be in place first before hiring sales staff. So basically what does a good salesperson need to be successful in selling my product?

  7. Or post the question here and we'll answer it.

  8. @kpetrie can’t send you a message. Says to send a chat request. Can I post my linked in link here? Don’t want to violate rules.

  9. No, it’s not. Sales has always been one of the profession’s that a degree is a nice to have but not a show stopper for a good hustler.

  10. Probably because Putin is personally responsible for the unprovoked war of aggression. Once Russia gets the hell out of Ukraine and deposes Putin there will be an economic miracle and life will be good for many Russians, but not before.

  11. Yeah, just out of the blue. Totally not related to anything else going on in that region the past decade or so.

  12. This is OP's internal tool, they are not selling anything.

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  14. I didn’t read any of that. This is such a stupid Fucking cock stroking of OPs ego. Jesus Christ, what a crock of shit. Goddammit it’s so fucking phony.

  15. OP fell into good pay, good for him, get over it. Whoever the fuck keeps reporting comments, knock that shit off.

  16. Are you trying to solve for "wait who the hell is calling me back, when's the last time I spoke with them or left them a message?" while on the phone with them? I don't know of a CRM that solves for that.

  17. Hubspot’s iPhone app actually solves this for me. I just add it as a contacts source in the phone settings and their name and company pops up with the number.

  18. Get a fake rubber arm and use it when you go to the doctor

  19. people's opinions aside, I'm not sure how this is a sales-specific question..

  20. It doesn't need to be a directly sales specific topic for us to allow. We allow plenty of resume posts, venting and brag posts, interpersonal skills, career advice that are not direcly sales topics. Posted in the context of them being a sales person asking other sales people isn't too far outside of the box.

  21. Leave it off. You left a very successful position to be available to your family. You had money so wasn’t in a hurry to get back into the industry when there wasn’t anything in that area. Everything is good, now you’re ready to get back to work.

  22. I think this is an interesting opinion. Did you know white people make up

  23. Would it surprise you to learn minorities, across the board, identify as Christians at higher rates and across all age groups than caucasians?

  24. No. The larger point is in Oklahoma there is just not that large a percentage of minorities in total. If we are viewing minorities as a voting bloc (which I know is not the best) the next largest group of minorities is 83% smaller than whites. I believe that the majority should have the responsibility to protect all and not simply act in their own self interest.

  25. So we can agree that minorities and white non-Hispanic would more or less agree to Christian ideals? At a minimum, 10 commandment kind of stuff?

  26. Unless it’s a loaded question 10% of 30 is 3 potential closes. 2 left after you close the first one.

  27. This isn't a game, these aren't teams. These are people's lives. I hope one day you can take a step back from the propoganda to see that they absolutely do not care about you or your livelihood.

  28. Is there a local bar or pub to watch election?

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  30. Mod reminder about our rules about self-promotion for those making a CRM recommendation.

  31. Ehhh, I kind of enjoy my 10/22 that I've bastardized with 3D printed parts.

  32. Might as well print the receiver too at that point.

  33. you asked this 5 days ago, got answers then deleted it

  34. That account will not be posting here again.

  35. This guy is trying to sell as we speak. This is the "book some time through my calendly link" of reddit comments.

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