1. Knew she would turn on Kourtney eventually, she hates Shanna with a passion lol

  2. It was about 15 years ago so it’s already aged…

  3. he HAS to know how this breakup looks for him. so gross. date people your own age

  4. I wonder if it’s a self fulfilling prophecy at this point

  5. I highly doubt she got illegal butt shots. thats a huge reach.

  6. Yeah I’m also pretty sure sculptra(the legal stuff ppl get) wears off eventually

  7. IF the tea about her and Devins and her and Ben Simmons relationship is true, then she is a serial pick me for men but she still my fave of the family though. Apparently these athletes are really dogging her behind the scenes and using her for clout, but this is from LSA so take it with a grain of salt.

  8. I feel like we don't have enough info about the situation to know how long they were alone together and what they were actually doing. I feel like it's so invasive for grown people to sit up there and talk about someone else's parenting. Especially when Adam, the owner of no jumper, has been accused of shooting adult content for his onlyfans while his toddler is in the same house.....

  9. Ok I’m glad I’m not the only who finds that weird about Adam and Lena. Like how are you gonna shoot an onlyfans threesome video in the same room you constantly post photographs of your kid in

  10. love north’s creative vision but the first two pics are giving Kim Kardashian, superstar

  11. Shoes on the bed…but I guess she doesn’t have a choice?

  12. The first episode I watched randomly when flipping channels was when Scott punched the mirror so it was pretty dramatic for 7th grade me and I was hooked

  13. These poor children having to deal with these adults that are likely only in their lives temporarily 😓

  14. She doesn’t look like Kim other than having black hair and tan skin. Maybe she’s one of those super fans they invite to the skims office

  15. I should say she looks like Kim before Kim had all the surgeries

  16. Tbh I don’t see it, she looks more like shay mitchell

  17. The person who wrote this needs to reevaluate their life decisions and seek therapy

  18. Why are they making holding a kids hand so weird 😭 that’s fairly normal just to make sure they don’t wander off even if you’re not a step daddy

  19. Same. It was a wild ride but I wish I’d appreciated the entertainment value of it all more

  20. Your post history is very, very intriguing to me. Just one question before I sign up, in this roleplay chat scenario will you be Kris Jenner or will I?

  21. This feels like it’s going to be a kris dominatrix situation lol

  22. Do you guys know that the KJs consent to having paparazzi pictures of their children released and most of the pictures you see of them are set up pap walks?

  23. CraZy she didn’t celebrate masons 6th grade promotion so she could have dinner w Kravis’ family smh.

  24. I think the 3 layers of matte red carpet makeup are not helping her skin look good here

  25. You just know if she dared go out with a bare face, her skin would look stunning

  26. Exactly. This type of makeup is made to look good in red carpet heavy flash photography, it’s going to look caky and bad in any other context

  27. THIS was the body shape she was iconic for. The body that launched a thousand BBLs 😭

  28. Pete strikes me as someone who can’t handle the 24/7 cameras/public life which Kim loves. He does date famous women but aside from Ariana(and we saw how that ended for him) he’s more lowkey than the Kardashians. Like how annoying must it be to have to do a pap walk every other day

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