1. Surprised more people aren’t thinking this tbh.

  2. And Vision Quest is still in pre right? I assume they'll announce new stuff this summer, I think thats the furthest we truly know on the TV side

  3. Yep. I imagine the long-gestating Wakanda show will be next up on the docket.

  4. Guess we can cross him off the Secret Wars cast list then.

  5. Try being a human being and not an MCU fanboy for once.

  6. Damn. Wasn’t he in that recent video of Bernthal practicing for his Punisher role or was that a different Punisher?

  7. Is this bad news for Cable and Domino? They would have announced that by now, unless it's a cameo. Surely they don't want their involvement revealed by a set photo.

  8. It is not unusual for cast members to be announced during filming.

  9. I can’t wait to see this film. Mrs Chen’s reaction to seeing a giant cartoon character pop up in her store is about to be golden.

  10. Now I want to see the Spot torment Raimi-verse Jonah.

  11. Spot: portals into Raimi-verse Daily Bugle

  12. Start with Arrow Seasons 1-2, check out the single season for Constantine after that, then comes concurrent viewing. When you get to Arrow Season 3 and The Flash Season 1 reply to me here letting me know, I'll then hook you up with my own custom viewing order if you'd like.

  13. Would also love to get that custom viewing order!

  14. Where did I say those specific shows are big enough names to do that?

  15. The loss of the monoculture is the exact reason it is harder to make these things catch on for any meaningful amount of time.

  16. Not as terrible as FFH but nowhere near as good as NWH.

  17. Very unusual framing. Superman's appeal is right there in the name. He's better than us. The appeal of Batman and Spiderman is "what if I was". The appeal of Superman is "what if there was"

  18. I prefer to think of him as the best of humanity.

  19. Yeah and I read in another descriptions that he says “wanna know why they call me the rhino?” I’m sorry but that sounds like some terrible Sony writing

  20. That scene goes beyond “overcoming your limits” into “I have no limits at all” territory.

  21. He does fly up to the sun and charge himself up with yellow sunlight before lifting it tbf.

  22. The one I use defaults to half an hour before my alarm and I haven’t had any problems with that. I even had to turn down from the max light as it got way to bright too early.

  23. Ah, do you know what you turned the max light down to?

  24. 16 out of 20 so down 20%. Works a charm for me, even for the occasional morning where I have to wake up extra early.

  25. Cheers. I will keep that in mind and adjust if I need to.

  26. I always had mine start a half hour before, and that worked well for me. Never made an ounce of difference in waking up refreshed, though.

  27. Ah, that’s a shame about not waking up refreshed. I’ve heard such good things about these sunrise alarm clocks. But maybe it affects different people differently.

  28. You may want to practice with it. I'd suggest starting with an hour, and seeing if you can reduce it.

  29. Thanks! Yeah, this is all part of my attempt to establish a good sleeping routine. Going to bed at a reasonable is of course very important. Hopefully it works!

  30. Unsure of how fast the process goes but the basic idea is to try and simulate a natural dawn.

  31. Just googled how long the sun takes to rise. Apparently a natural sunrise takes about 30 minutes so will try that! Thanks.

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