Beto really called someone out tonight in Mineral Wells, Texas. To think someone would laugh when Beto's talking about kids dying and describing the damage an AR-15 can do...

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  1. you could transfer to corny kegs or just serve from your 15 g keg.

  2. Dear Fellow Squirters and Partners - this is asked a lot. Buy some waterproof blankets off of Amazon!! They’re a game changer because we know towels don’t cut it, puppy pads (eww) are not sexy and I’m not going to fuck on a bath mat 😆

  3. They have pet wet blankets that are less expensive than the human ones. You can't tell the difference

  4. This was all a plan to remove him from the race anyway. They used this excuse to get rid of him. If you are not picked by the establishment... Good luck on getting anywhere without your own boatload of money

  5. You want the float to turn off the water at this level

  6. propaganda against them. Mostly used by bigots and/or politicians

  7. We had already broke up. I was already sleeping with someone new. I didn't want her to get an idea that we would keep hanging out.

  8. Yes. Just like shaking hands with different people. Different grip

  9. you really need to inquire her why she goes only so far and stops? Is it to be mean? Is she suddenly guilty? Does she get a power trip from it?

  10. If you have done it before with them... Then it's probably okay.

  11. Be prepared for him to never see his best friend again. Or potentially end your relationship.

  12. I once had one slip off as I was pulling out after. I had to pull it gently out of her. It wasn't deep in there. But I found it and it was just about to spew my seed in her. But luckily the opening was still outside the woman. Bullet dodged. I pulled it back on. Then took care of the disposal.

  13. Seems like a lot of stuff all in one grand message.

  14. What kind of beer was oxidized? Hoppy beers oxidize easier.

  15. A bit of both. I will say my hoppy beers have less of the off flavor but plenty of discoloration.

  16. I stopped cold crashing. Unless you have a way to prevent oxygen suck back. Don't do it.

  17. I do try and do this but sometimes it is hard to get in the right head space for it.

  18. How about during those 6 days use toys first. So you are still interested. Then when she is almost satisfied get your dick involved

  19. The fun part of making up things about deities is you can make up inconsistencies too.

  20. Take turns having the focus of pleasure on each person.

  21. Their phone. Media, tv. What's your screen time today?

  22. Don't make it about sex. Make it about the lack of communication and lack of her caring...

  23. Emails are great because you get to explain in great detail how you feel, what you see happening along with your view of their effort

  24. This one is the best: Sliquid Naturals Silk Hybrid Lubricant-255ml by Sliquid

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