1. once upon a time, the Dragonborn visited whiterun. They quite liked the place, as the people were quite nice. All except for a farmer, who wore expensive clothes. The farmer went up to the Dragonborn and said, "Do you get to the cloud district often? Ah, which am I kidding, of course you dont." this upset the Dragonborn, so with a mighty #FUS RO DAH! the Dragonborn sent the mean farmer way past the cloud district, and the Dragonborn never had to worry about the farmer again.

  2. You look like you're going to hold me at gunpoint while angrily asking for the nuclear launch codes in a German accent

  3. Little do you realize, I'm not trapped with you, your trapped with me

  4. Nah bro, ain't no way I'm finishing this, buff monk and samurai doggo were way too hard for me

  5. You could use some netherrack to make the ice constantly melt, and as an added bonus, it would look like you're summoning crops, instead of growing them

  6. The last time I let the intrusive thoughts in, I accidentally restarted the USSR.

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