Trump Organization convicted in N.Y. criminal tax fraud trial

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  1. As a Christian I have no problems with this. They have every right to refuse them service. They need to respect the beliefs of the business as well, and not complain over it.

  2. Not that I want to ridicule the work of the US negotiators…but Russia gets an international arms dealer and the U.S. gets a basketball player…

  3. You're saying we should have negotiated for the release of an American carreer criminal instead of an American athlete?

  4. I'm getting a consistent bug where, after I leave a train, my run speed is not adding the benefit of my blade runners. Jumping fixes it, so it's not a big problem, just putting it out there.

  5. In Trump's whining social media post from this morning, he claims that the state of NY hasn't prosecuted any murders in 6 years. I find that very hard to believe. Does anyone know the origins of this weird claim?

  6. I've searched and found examples of murder convictions in New York. Proving Trump wrong was easy as usual. I'm just trying to understand where the claim came from.

  7. Out of respect for them making the right decision and changing the name, I vowed to wait one whole season until I start calling them the "Commies".

  8. Although many members of the Nazi leadership were baptized Catholics, only one was ever excommunicated.

  9. I've seen lewdness, and I've seen smut. But this... this is vulgar.

  10. One counter point to fine tuning argument that i haven't seen made is that majority of this planet is uninhabitable for us humans if we weren't using life hack called clothes. Human population would die in most places this winter otherwise.

  11. I once raised natural disasters as a problem with the fine-tuning argument. The Christian response I got was that everyone, yes everyone, who dies in a natural disaster only does because of their own poor decisions.

  12. Can someone elaborate on what scoragami means

  13. A unique final score, never before seen in NFL history.

  14. What was the point of two point conversion on that?

  15. Bumping the lead to 17 points makes it a 3 possession lead.

  16. Might be "Blue Gender", though I don't specifically remember the mecha cockpit controls.

  17. Yeah let me tell how much hitler would’ve loved a Mexican trying to be a nazi smh

  18. Hitler himself wasn't the blonde-haired blue-eyed Aryan ubermensch his party was idealizing. Just another layer in that self destructive onion.

  19. Right, but I’m asking would hitler have accepted fuentes as one of his own

  20. Probably? But I can't say for sure.

  21. Road to Perdition has a bunch. Two fathers and two sons, on opposite ends of parenthood.

  22. Hot take: casting Tom Hanks was a stroke of genius.

  23. No. It’s just western media bitching because they don’t like Islamic culture. Which is fair enough, but it’s irrelevant to the event.

  24. How is it a "lib take" to want to punish violent extremists and discourage further attacks?

  25. If prison time is a deterrent, then the right-wing calls for pardons are a promotion.

  26. In "Paradise Lost" by John Milton, Satan is giving a speech and railing against God. He declares that he's turning away from good, and evil will be his new good.

  27. What does light beer have in common with lovemaking in a canoe?

  28. Pretty exciting to discover the scope of the map

  29. This bill already bends over backwards for religious rights.

  30. I've actually kept a list of the worst arguments I've heard over the years!

  31. Could you be thinking of Bahamut instead of Baphomet appearing in the book? Burney the Barber is capable of transporting herself to Bahamut's court.

  32. He was a blind seer in Sacrifice, one of my favorite old video games.

  33. I absolutely love Sacrifice and I didn't mention it because I thought nobody would recognize it.

  34. Up until a couple seasons ago it wasn't. But now there are 3 wildcard teams per conference

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