1. My Lola turns 4 today too!!! Happy birthday, bud!

  2. Have two - one always, the other almost never. Call it ‘poop butt’ around here :)

  3. Not gonna get you far these days :/

  4. Add in a fart cloud and you’re there

  5. The campaign speech charlie "wrote" Dennis was apparently ad-libbed by Glen.

  6. Frog leggin’ in the pool is my favorite ☺️

  7. I let her sleep in my bed and she pushed herself on my back I kept placing her farther from me because it was too warm for me 😩🤣

  8. Awesome, really happy to hear that!!

  9. Love it :) You are adorable, Gus!

  10. What a sweetheart!! My Boston is a pirate pup too :)

  11. Idk why but cheese-beep is incredibly funny to me

  12. It’s exactly what I didn’t know I needed today

  13. Patrick!!! You adorable bad boy

  14. Yes! She wiggles her butt when she's excited

  15. Every time I come home, every time he wants to play, every time he wants a bite of what I’m eating 😂

  16. This and sometimes just a cuddle from mom

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