1. The most important thing is that puppy pretty much stays in your house/backyard. Parvo is a real thing, and most foster orgs don't want puppy out and about at Petsmart, dog parks, farmers markets, etc.

  2. This is super useful information! Thanks for taking the time to share. Parvo is big concern for me, my sisters puppy had it a few years back. My rescue doesn’t recommend any activities outside our residence until their health hold is up anyway. But I do have my own dog, should the puppy be okay to interact with him?

  3. Yes, if your own dog is healthy and up-to-date with vaccinations, they are good to be around the puppy.

  4. Happy birthday happy Boi! Lol.. if I tried to put somthing like that on my cat, I'd have a very grumpy girl on my hands. I would have a butt picture to show for it.

  5. He’s used to it lol I started when he first came home!

  6. I feel pretty lucky to have him ❤️

  7. He’s a boy! Lol but everyone thinks he’s a girl bc of his name lol

  8. Sparkle, what do you want for your birthday? I’m prepared to offer it all.

  9. I call this one the “loaf of bread”

  10. We went through Nickel City Canine Rescue last year for our lab/pit puppy.

  11. I got my pup from NCCR! I can’t say enough good things about them.

  12. I don’t physically have my vax card but I do have a picture do you think that’ll work?

  13. We went to the Philly show last night and they accepted pictures of the card!

  14. My guy is 1.5 years old and he’s 12lbs.

  15. Looks just like my Sparkle! Love those bellies 💕

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