1. I feel like I'm looking at Smash Bros. stats after a match.

  2. Are you dealing with any authority figures who are making it difficult?

  3. Then it's probably about something internal regarding structure/rigidity: In order to make space for new things to enter your life, you need to be open and let go of patterns which gave you stability in the past. Does that resonate?

  4. Yes absolutely, thank you for that insight!

  5. Hello! I'd love if someone could provide me with insight into what I can expect from a current relationship within the next week or so. Fwiw, I've been manifesting good vibes toward this relationship as of late and attempting to remove any blocks in our way to connect on a higher (spiritual) level. Thank you in advance!

  6. I suppose it depends on the workings. I've kept remnants under my bed to draw outcomes toward me and I've buried remnants far away in a forest for both banishing. I've also buried remnants of a spell at the foot of a special tree to ask for the spell to come true.

  7. Oh that's interesting! I'm wondering if collecting them in some sort of jar to keep close to me, like under my bed, is worth it. I kind of want to bring the ashes back to nature, though.

  8. I'm guessing that piece of aluminum foil is going to be $4,000 at retail.

  9. Sorry if this is a dumb question (tarot is more my forte), but what should I expect/be aware of during this period if Mercury is in Gemini for me?

  10. lmao when is Tad NOT being a thirst trap? 🥵

  11. Hello! Looking for someone to pull two cards to determine how someone is feeling about me (romantically) in the present moment. I've been attempting to clear any blocks that may be in the way and connect us energetically, hopefully that helps!

  12. Passionate, engaged and thrilled about the future. Might boast of the relationship if it succeeds, will be disheartened if doesn't receive your attention, it plays a critical role in attraction. I also feel that this person might be insecure and will only become active when there is some assurance.

  13. Thank you so much! I've caught on to the insecurity in my own readings on the matter, as well as an attempt to hide feelings.

  14. Alright, so where are my "See you next season" bros?

  15. Boger, certified football hater.

  16. I keep mine in a cabinet where no other light can get to it. I don’t discard it just to make more but I also don’t believe it loses the energy as long as it’s kept away. I use different containers each time and once one is finally empty I wash and cleanse it then reuse it. Depending on the crystals used I wouldn’t ingest it but some without anything added can be. I’ll occasionally use it with tea, in simmer pots, spell work, and I’ll even mix it with things when cleaning for extra cleansing and protection of my space. What I use it for will sometimes vary depending on what significance that months energy was.

  17. Thank you for that insight. Keeping it out of light afterward sounds like a good idea.

  18. That's very good to know! Do you recommend dumping any remainder out before starting again?

  19. Just looking for a fellow reader to pull a single card for me. I'm seeking any insight into what I can expect from a budding relationship over the course of the next month. Thank you in advance.

  20. RX 9 of Pentacles. It may seem like a negative card at first but I think it’s a reminder that any mistakes you make in this new relationship are because you aren’t used to each other yet. They’re not a reflection on your feelings or desires but a minor setback that always happens when you take on a new project

  21. Hello! I'm looking for insight into what I can expect from a budding relationship within the next month. Thank you in advance.

  22. See, maybe I'd post something like that, but only because the planet has been reduced to a dumpster fire and I want to leave.

  23. I will never understand the bleached brows trend.

  24. I didn't think there was anyone left for the virus to kill tbh.

  25. But that's actually probably the backstory to this.

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