1. Aight, so these are all cool and all but absolutely nothing compares to the leak that happened towards the end of W.

  2. I've finished everything cause I went hog wild on tokusatsu when I was 14 in 2005 and had to download as much of the stuff as I could find. It was around the time I was growing an appreciation for older media in general so that helped a lot.

  3. This is the episode that really made me love Kazuya Kamihoriuchi as a director. The way he worked with the absence of background in most of this episode was fantastic.

  4. One of the heroes in the final Armor Hero series was played by a Japanese actor. IIRC the action choreography in the first Armor Hero was done by someone who worked on a lot of the early Metal Heroes.

  5. TV-Nihon's early stuff is rough so if there's an alternative, I'd always go with that.

  6. My predictions on what we know so far:

  7. Op, my bad. I’d only seen the Goseiger crossover movie and the Go-Busters cameo clip out of context so I assumed it was their solo movie.

  8. The Gokaiger Goseiger movie was also released in like April rather than near the end of the current show's run.

  9. MARVEL SNAP Friendly Battle Code: 21953

  10. Ones where the hosts do poorly acted and honestly just not all that interesting original stories with plots and characters when I'm just trying to listen to a fun podcast about interesting topics. (looking at you, Deep Cuts)

  11. There was a time at work we were short staffed and my dumb ass willingly did overtime thinking I'd at least get paid extra.

  12. Dude you just ripped the opening paragraph from Ishinomori's wiki article, slightly changed it, and then added some very surface level descriptions of each show, with incorrect info. (Battle Fever was made by Toei)

  13. Marvel was known to have their hand on it. Vulcan Fever J and Denjman were Marvel. It’s still listed in Marvel that they had their hand in it.

  14. It wasn't made by Marvel though, it was written, directed, and produced by Toei people.

  15. He won't. The constant deluge of information nowadays makes each individual bit of information less exciting, and there will never again be a reason to have such a time-gated information dump like E3.

  16. I dunno. Every time a Pokemon Direct or info on a new Fire Emblem comes out people go crazy on Twitter and that's a massive wave of real time reactions.

  17. When we get to hibikis 20th anniversary I actually want them to make a special for him

  18. As someone who's first series was Hibiki and who still loves the show to this day, I gotta say it'll probably never happen.

  19. The only thing I don't like is that the free membership only lets you watch with 360p and 480p resolution.

  20. Learn to use torrents, you'll have the highest quality available as soon as fansubs are out and never have to deal with ads again.

  21. Technically they took him from Ultraman, who took him from Power Rangers lol

  22. I think there's dubs for MMPR - Mystic Force + Samurai. Maybe there's a few missing in-between

  23. Nah, it's just MMPR, Turbo~Lightspeed Rescue, SPD, Mystic Force, and the two Samurai seasons.

  24. Not according to Japanese Wikipedia. The credits are listed as Koyama Yuka and then Arai Shizuka later on. (the entire cast changes for some reason after episode 49)

  25. What I mean is ppl hate the casting for samurai having a white Redcranger but have no problem with the other series that has non Asian red ranger and cast

  26. Ninja Storm has an Asian Red Ranger though

  27. By that logic then Power Rangers is a load of BS because most of the ranger suits are based on Japanese culture.

  28. Samurai existed from 1185-1868 it makes sense that their Asian ancestors dated other races at some point.

  29. Japan was a cut off and isolationist country for most of that period.

  30. i know, I do not expect BD quality, the only thing that interests me is that they have good image quality, specifically the two series that I mentioned, because I have only seen versions in which even the subtitles are pixelated, or I would even prefer mkv versions with floating subtitles

  31. Power Rangers is based on a Japanese media franchise and they're asking what people's reactions were to discovering Sentai for the first time.

  32. Welp just found my new adventure as soon as payday hits lol

  33. I would go with friends to Akiba hunting for idol merch saw that building and yeah, had to go in. Manga, video games, figurines... it has it all.

  34. I normally just hit up a few regular locations so I haven't been anywhere new in a while, so it'll definitely be cool to check out

  35. You’re better sticking to factual sites tracking the data. All the podcasts I’ve seen are speculation and bs

  36. Well I think it's less the data I want and more like...I'm interested in hearing people's real time reactions to things as they unfold.

  37. CEO of the day after tomorrow so I can get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance to get the chance.

  38. Well fair it was the Sentai's idea and made it more finding treasure but why would you use the first pirate theme and then spend every episode turning into past versions? Waste of pirate theme

  39. But them being pirates was the whole crux of the story. They didn't start out as heroes and had to work up to feeling like they could really be part of the legacy.

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