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  1. Oh and Galadriel, "orc" is not the preferred nomenclature. "Uruk", please.


  3. this is giving me a husband's bulge

  4. el oh el at those salty Ms Marvel and She-Hulk user scores

  5. What is Kendall Roy doing in this picture?

  6. he's not bad, we should keep him

  7. Hey guy are you the USSR because you look like a giant red flag

  8. Part Severance and part Us, I loved it.

  9. Everyone knows that Week 1 in the NFL doesn't count.

  10. We got out of FL alive and with a win. No more dumb early-season away games to hot-weather locations this year.

  11. we are back in Miami later in the season(December I think), that will be a very rough game.

  12. Not looking forward to going to Buffalo or Philly, either. We also play the Rams but at least that'll be at home, after a bye.

  13. According to the sidebar, in 2 weeks we play at NY for the Giants game.

  14. damn this Buffalo/Miami game is something else

  15. Dad, can I go meet Darth Vader, Spider-Man, and ET on my birthday?

  16. Monkey heard a pop and attacked the crew. Monkey was exploited. Monkey came back to senses and was like oh fuck bro what did I do, and fist bumped Jupe. Jupe saw the shoe standing up and considered it a “bad miracle”. Him having a shrine of it means it meant a lot to him. Meaning the incident, to him at least, wasn’t by chance-leading him to believe he was chosen and had a deep understanding with animals and nature.

  17. I think that last balloon pop is what snapped the ape out of his killing spree (although I'm not sure why, or why the first one initiated the spree).

  18. these dipshits really believe that women are just waiting to falsely accuse someone after having consensual sex, huh?

  19. Walmart is going to sell out of Texas gear tonight boys!

  20. hell yeah they areHEY WAIT A MINUTE

  21. That's what I was thinking, but Galdriel and Elrond's timelines are lined up due to them meeting. You also have the comet which appeared for everyone.

  22. Elrond saw it while he was watching her sail away on the boat, no?

  23. Honestly I don't remember but if you or anyone else says that's the case then I believe you.

  24. My PC is old and can't play 4K movies streamed to my TV (or even directly on the PC) without a lot of buffering. Would 4K streaming work better if I used a NVMe seedbox or will my PC and/or TV still cause a bottleneck somehow?

  25. Suspend Tom Brady four weeks out of solidarity

  26. every team that plays him for the next four weeks supports this

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