1. This is my cat, Maisey! He got out last night in Lansdale PA near W Hancock & Green St He is a long haired black & white male cat. UTD on vaccines, Neutered, Microchipped & has a reflective collar with tags.

  2. Im a only a couple blocks away so Ill keep an extra keen eye out. That part of the borough gets pretty dark mear the cemetary so Hopefully hes just enjoying himself catching leaves and mice. Wer having a stretch of warm weather so I hope that eases your mind untill hes home

  3. Thank you ❤️‍🩹 our home backs right up to the cemetery so we have been checking that area at night as well as some of the other properties with porches where he could hunker down and hide

  4. My heeler was about a year when we brought home our little 8 week old kitten. They played just like this & now they are bffs. Running around the house wrestling and then settling down to cuddle for bed 🥰

  5. Wow i have a 5 year old, named ranger, who is EXACTLY like this! When we hired a sitter for the first time we did the following:

  6. Yes! Mine likes to take a mouthful, walk away with it and stare at me while he chews… over and over. The only time he’ll eat more than a few bites is if i say something like “good boy! Dinner!” but even then at most he eats 4 bites before ignoring it. Sometimes it takes him a full day or two before he finishes a bowl. He’s always done this so im not sure why it happens

  7. My guy was always super picky about his food. He really likes Diamond Naturals- sold at Tractor Supply CO. We feed him either the beef or the lamb one. He actually finishes his bowl every day now! He used to just pick off/on for a few days and now he actually eats it all :-) my guy also has a sensitive tummy and the diamond natural has absolutely helped!

  8. She looked at you like, Elle Woods voice “what like its hard?”

  9. I’m in southeast PA & We’ve got about 90 people & spending around 12k total for it. We got very lucky though, my fiancé volunteers at our local fire department so we were able to rent their banquet hall for nearly free and our ceremony is free, at my childhood home. We are doing a small “smash” cake for cutting and cupcakes from sam’s club. Open bar, our caterer is local to our area and designed his business to allow people with small budgets be able to afford good food for their events, less than $10 per plate! All my flowers are artificial and most of my decor has been DIY from the dollar tree or Michael’s, and even from FB market. I’m planning to resell my flowers and most of my decor. My photographer is younger. She does primarily dance photos but has branched out into weddings, she did my cousin’s wedding so she gave us a discount for a referral and a first responder discount as well!

  10. Love the first one! Unique pattern, very beautiful on you. You look the happiest/most confident in the first :-) they are all beautiful though!!

  11. My fiancé and i are doing this too. We have been living together for 4 years so we dont have anything we need house-wise. We are also moving across the country in the next year and dont want a bunch of stuff to pack or have to sell items we were gifted. I put on our wedding website in the ‘registry’ section this: “We have lived together for many years now. As such, we are not asking for traditional gifts! You coming to celebrate with us is gift enough. However, if you still wish to give us a gift please consider donating to our honeymoon. We are so excited to make memories, enjoy some sun, eat good food and soak in all the love. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!”

  12. Check out Etsy! My fiancé and i both got our bands from there and they are beautiful. As some of the others said, you can always upgrade down the road.

  13. I had this same philosophy with my soon to be hubby!! We found a ton of really beautiful Moissante rings on Etsy! My ring was less than $200 and 8 months later is still in fantastic shape.

  14. This dress is stunning and looks absolutely beautiful on you! I love the back detail- the straps add a little flair and the lace is beautiful. The overskirt gives you the drama. If you are self conscious about your belly, i would recommend shapewear to help with that (although you absolutely do not need it!!) The skirt would be fantastic for your ceremony and easy to change the look of the dress for the reception and make it easier to party. That being said, if you dont feel confident in this dress, find one you do love!! You deserve to FEEL beautiful on your day. You absolutely look beautiful but if this dress isnt in your comfort zone, there are plenty of affordable dresses out there!!

  15. I enjoy the occasional listener tale but having them nearly every week has been such a turn off. Sometimes they are fun or creepy but a lot of the time they feel completely made up on the spot. I do enjoy the spooky lighthouse/roads etc series but I definitely miss when they did actual research and covered lesser known cases. I’ve gotten really into And Thats Why We Drink recently. Em & Christine have the same great banter and each have a “type” of case they cover. I also really like Sinisterhood!! I love a good female hosted TC podcast :-)

  16. I didn't really plan on doing it, but after someone asked I realized all I actually needed was "something borrowed" so I figured I'd do it anyways haha. I have a lot of blue happening as it's the wedding colour and my favorite colour. So many things for the wedding are new.

  17. The earrings detail and charm is so sweet! 🥹

  18. I'll be 30, he will be 29. We'll have been together for 11 years so it feels long overdue, but I'm glad we didn't get married younger. We both finally feel like adults and weddings feel like such grown up affairs!

  19. Oh gosh i’m 24 and my SO is 26. This makes me feel like a baby! Many people have babies early where i’m from but dont get married till late 20s- early 30s. Totally opposite for my SO!!

  20. My fiancé said he would wear a suit for the wedding day if i really wanted him to but we are having a very lowkey, casual backyard wedding so I decided to compromise with him. He and his groomsmen are wearing a new pair of dark jeans, a white polo, suspenders and a bow tie. (Plus cowboy boots). I know he would wear a suit if i wanted him to but it’s not his style and i’m okay with that! We also have a relatively small budget so I chose to spend a little extra on other aspects than worry about his attire :-)

  21. Not tacky at all! My dad is mid 40s and my soon to be step mom is 50. They are having an all out country club wedding this month. Nothing wrong with celebrating your love!!

  22. My fiancé proposed very spur of the moment- but i had an inkling about it anyway! He had a whole elaborate plan but due to covid19, we had to move states last minute so that plan flew out the window. Anyway! My family home (where we were temporarily living) is on a few acres of land with some woods in the back. We have a “name tree” that my grandfather has been carving all the kid’s names into since 1985! He asked if i’d like to go for a walk to see the name tree, as we’ve done before, and then stopped and said “i need my jacket from my truck” and i thought to myself, how funny would it be if my ring is in his truck and he’s going to get it…. I quickly brushed that idea away because i had been waiting for months and didnt want to upset myself over false hope (again). He came back with his jacket and we set off! Just around the bend from the tree, i heard him put on the song we had previously decided would be our first dance song. We got to the tree and i went to look at it, while complaining about strangers carving their names into the tree, and when i turned around there he was! Even though i had a small feeling, i still couldnt stop telling him to shut the f&!k up. i said it probably 10 times before i actually said yes 🤣🤣

  23. I vote 1 as well! The lace is unique and the silhouette shows off your figure! The lace looks delicate, light, and definitely would go beautifully with an elegant garden style!

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