1. Check out the Designa range on Dartscorner. the patriots are pretty close

  2. He protec, but he also attac. The eff is that ish?

  3. How's this for one. When the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017. I had my first child. This year we are pregnant with number 2 and now the Eagles are on a run. Son was born Feb 24, daughter due in March. Fly Eagles Fly

  4. board looks clean to me. just keep on rotating.

  5. I like everything, Target is really trying hard to be innovative. Of course some of us won't like all of the stuff they end up producing, but they are doing a hell of a job elevating the dart game and bringing much needed $$$ into the sport.

  6. Yes, If you like something (or just don't hate on it) it always means you work for the company....

  7. DartsCorner "you gave us your hard earned money so now go fuck off!"

  8. Love me a Barney dart. Stickler for details that I am (and feel free to downvote me to oblivion) but they are Phase 5s. Unicorn used "phase" while target is using "Gen". Got me a set as well. Great front-weighted shorter-barrelled dart.

  9. How much did he buy them for? 24g Beatons are such a savage set of darts. Glad to hear he popped off with them, and glad he was on your team or that would have been awkward.

  10. older, well worn set. 20$. Had the 1.75inch Pirahna points though lol weapons.

  11. i clicked on the site and work and it was blocked. now that is funny.

  12. you got yourself some triple Bs! my match darts until the customs come in.

  13. It only makes sense when it is held in Dublin. Dublin Dublout. easy.

  14. Find a good local mechanic with ve experience and they can roo all your maintenance. Had my timing belt replaced for about 400 less than the dealership

  15. Paul Nicholson calls it "the grandfather clock"

  16. Ton Machines should never be tampered with in my eyes they are classic darts I love mine OG I'd never strip them but enjoy them man 👍

  17. stop with the downvotes. the man has an opinion and thats ok... sheeeesh.

  18. this is the answer. why are people downvoting the correct answer?

  19. Bo'Oh'O'Wa'er. If shipping costs werent so dreadful i would buy you a pack and send them. also dart accessory prices over here are horrendous. All in for 5 sets of those flights it would be like 15$cad then about 13$cad to ship them to ya

  20. no i dont, no i dont. They look nice though, they look nice though

  21. I cannot. I'm a Barney fanboy and even i hate those darts.

  22. that's actually the site i priced out the Gladiator 3 on. its 89$ but all the boards have about 40-50$ in shipping from then which seems crazy. I am on the other side of the country from them on the west coast. but its not that big of an item.

  23. no where near the border eh? I have a PO box in the states that i ship to. Free shipping from AZ darts and i go pick it up. But Costco has blade6s shipped to the door for 102$. if thats something that interests you and you dont have a costco membership DM me and ill help you out.

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