1. Thanks a million for the advice, I'll do as you suggested and see how we get on. Hopefully it's something that can be sorted out as it's a lot of money to miss out on for everyone in the building.

  2. Is your bills prepay with prepay power ? If so you have digital sub meters off the Main MPRN meter, pretty common in multi tenant building

  3. Has anyone got the fight in normal speed this one looks like slow motion 😂😂😂

  4. You have any bolt cutters or a angle grinder? Save on the call out fee

  5. I think it’s a shall barrel lock, normally a large flat head will bang it out and you’ll have to buy a replacement lock

  6. Tallaght traditional barbershop are amazing

  7. Tough draw for both Ladies, Willie is super consistent and a big scorer and Ricky is Ricky if he shows up Fallon has no chance

  8. The Irish away jersey is orange 😂😂 you met a donkey !!

  9. Who the fuck thinks it’s funny to shit in a fish tank ? What the actual fuck ? I’m so confused lol

  10. Ok bro I absolutely love this !!! How did you get the sand out thou ? Did you just take all the water and plants out and scoop the sand out ?

  11. Did anyone ask where in Raleigh? Because the answers will vary based on location. It’s not like you can jump on the bus and go just anywhere…

  12. We have a growing Rugby scene in the area. I think there are four teams now. Even though the Raleigh Vipers were US champions about five years ago, most people don't know that we even have a team here. The matches are free and the crowds are small.

  13. Sound advice bro I’ll do that thanks a million

  14. This is like the Ricky Bobby talledga nights fire scene …

  15. I believe it’s the Lapland flight they do this everyday, the air hostess dress as elves etc

  16. Nice looking darts and great packaging but pricey for a new brand with little to nothing hard to make on the barrels etc.

  17. You probably will have to trim the sessiliflora almost daily if you add CO2.

  18. Why is my foods food on the plate … 🤯

  19. Vampire weekend - father of the bride Kaiser chiefs - Duck The Fratellis - Costello Music Artic Monkeys - what ever people say I am, i am Kings of Leon - Because of the times

  20. The beacon have a minor injuries clinic if your south side in partnership with Laya or you could ring the Laya nurse line and they’ll advise you

  21. I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope this helps

  22. Nice work dude !!! Your incredibly talented

  23. Wrote it in my phone while taking a shit bro a spell and punctuation check wasn’t top of my list as I had other priorities

  24. Families didn't usually like staying in B&Bs, there's nowhere for the kids to play or to cook. Also hotels on Ireland are usually ridiculously expensive.

  25. I once stayed in a B&B in Cavan last minute thing around 15 years ago n when I rang to ask about a bed women said sure so I went to n noticed something was weirdo was in the master bedroom with an en-suite but felt kinda of lived in, opened the side drawer full of underwear opened the closet full of clothes, the next morning I go downstairs n see the owners asleep in a blow up bed on the couch I’d obviously took there bed n they needed the money felt so bad

  26. Only in crates thou with no guarantee on which one?

  27. You can buy weapon skins with credits in the credits store. Or did you mean character skins?

  28. what are the measurements.

  29. I’ll do them again on the morning and post pictures

  30. Did you add any new animals to the tank within the past month? That’s often a trigger for illnesses.

  31. I've been looking all over for Gen 7's but they're so hard to come across.

  32. I know someone with spare 5&7 I’ll pm you

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