1. Watch "A Guy Thing" with Jason Lee. There's a scene involving a random Walmart employee with no prior relationship who falls right in step with his unknown bro's story.

  2. Remind me - she finds panties and the manager blames it on college student pranks? (Can't do video atm)

  3. Caleb Farley practically snapped his back in half before stepping foot into the league and they gave him 2 years. We are paying penance.

  4. Jeffrey Simmons worked out. Might have made them more willing to accept injury risk.

  5. FR Yugoslavia appears to be on the map (or the state union of Serbia & Montenegro), as far as I can see.

  6. Have we seen a single play action yet other than the TD?

  7. A couple. No one is falling for it because we can't block so no one is afraid of the run today

  8. Could make a case that Stonehouse belongs to there. I don't have him that high because without him, we'd still have Kern. But obviously he's excellent

  9. Make them do a Zoom meeting and fret about their appearance.

  10. Is this the new "I looked into the mirror."?

  11. i‘m not a professional license faker.. i don‘t know :D

  12. I think "fake Uber" means something different to you then it does to the rest of us.

  13. If we are +2.5 it means we are really what +5.5 in their minds? You get -3 being home team I think.

  14. Where would one find that? Not me of course. Someone else

  15. Most big cities have pretty strict noise rules, especially during the week. They probably need to close at 9 so that people are gone by 10 when the quiet hours are supposed to start.

  16. This year early closing is also encouraged, if not mandated, as an energy saving measure.

  17. What's our rooting interest today? I assume Lions, Giants (for strength of schedule), Vikings ) unless we assume we'll beat NE in which case it's nice SOS as well)

  18. I am a European. What other place would i claim to be boring? It's all a joke.

  19. Ah yes, Europeans (like myself) famously don't have disdain for anyone in their immediate vicinity.

  20. I know because it's on the list of cities I can name!

  21. I was 12 or so, living in Germany in the 1990s. While channel-flipping I saw 30 second of a movie they called "Die Indianer von Cleveland." The scene was Willie Mays Hayes taking a lead off first base. It meant nothing to me - I knew baseball existed but couldn't have told you the first thing about how it works.

  22. Fin fact: no! You don't necessarily make it onto the ballot even if you meet those two criteria. There's a vague filter before that where they can exclude people who aren't notable enough. For example, Edgardo Alfonzo never made it onto a ballot.

  23. Georgia. I think Miami is better known than Baku.

  24. Officially the capital is still listed as Kuala Lumpur. In practice, most of the government institutions and personnel have relocated to Putrajaya already. 100k+.

  25. The Dutch capital is still Amsterdam even though government functions are in The Hague. At some point we're arguing over definitions of what a capital is, which is still less pointless than most of the internet.

  26. Here are the USPTO and some court rules. This is an accepted s-signature

  27. Adding that this is exclusively the case for electronic documents. Those are usually provided via email, or for some agencies through a portal. Either way you have to log in or have access to a device to send the communication. That reduces the need for a wet signature, since it serves as some safeguard that it's you doing it.

  28. Never. I don’t give a fuck about no Indianaanalpolis Colt

  29. No one here does. But I still want them to win when it benefits me.

  30. I will root for the team that benefits the Titans the most by winning

  31. Same. And that's gonna be the Colts and Jags for several weeks. But some people here would rather see them lose than see the Titans benefit

  32. Lawyer. Don't travel much more that i have a family, but starting out I got 1000 nights in 5 years. Includes work but also the vacations that that much work gets you. Wouldn't do something similar again, but at 27 I loved it.

  33. Depends in part whether in your universe that heaven is real or just a projection of an injured brain. Assuming the latter, consider showing how she creates the image herself, without saying so, obviously. Have her start in a white fog, or white space, out of which things slowly become clear and sort of "fade" into existence as her brain generates a narrative.

  34. Start with downtown Detroit. It's very different from typical downtowns with a lot of mixed uses. It's the engine for the revitalization but be aware that it isn't perfect. There are no true grocery stores downtown, schools are the worst in the country, and property taxes are extreme. Because of this, it's almost exclusively rental properties.

  35. They do a wonderful job separating an incredible waterfront from downtown with line 23 lanes of traffic. They couldn't make the riverside more hostile if they tried. Such a waste.

  36. Once you're on the Riverwalk, it's actually great. It's super long and has interesting things all along it

  37. The part by downtown and the RenCen (where they people are) were pretty barren last time I was there. Maybe they've improved since, which would be nice.

  38. Donate money to offsetting charities for each game you watch

  39. Bailey Zappe should be starting over Mac Jones.

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