1. You can probably get one from a market or the bookstore before 9.

  2. Price center. It's under the target.

  3. Sorry for the ban, thought you were a spam bot since this post is nearly identical to spam bot posts, I've removed the ban.

  4. could I repost with less info? just more subtle lowkey like hey let me know, i know a good amount of students play for fun, etc.

  5. Yeah something like that may be better. Like "hey I'm a ucsd student looking for others to play poker with, let me know if you're interested".

  6. happened in my POLI104B class, prof sent an announcement saying he never did it (we didn’t have a survey) & that he will manually fix it for all FA students, usually an error on prof end if you’ve done all you can

  7. lmao they fs have all our aid and scholarships they for whatever reason wanna wait until the 30th to disburse

  8. This is a bit confusing. It’s been my experience that if you are already signed up for direct deposit, you credit will go into your account. Check dispersement dates. Hope this helps.

  9. you can always just request it to send, my only question really is why do i currently have a credit balance already

  10. i’m gonna get my booster rn and then manually add it

  11. Your hold should be gone now regardless of vaccine status

  12. unfortunately it hasn’t lifted i still can’t register

  13. lowkey disgusting how this system works though, sure we need it now okay cool what about exemptions? why can’t we enroll first pass to get what we need first then deal with it? why can’t there be people giving out temp holds? no shs open? literally gave a large group of students no choice at this point. I need 16 units for FA what if my desired classes are full? Should I just take bullshit classes. (sorry for the rant) just feel like it could of had been handled better from the school.

  14. drop this quarter brother enjoy your time here & just learn the campus and catch up on meeting people instead

  15. lol i was waking by from marshall & the gas price ladies were like come sign & i wasn’t feeling it she then yelled damn who gave you that hickey? where your hoochie momma at 😭 thought that was so random & hilarious

  16. N.b. if you took a rapid COVID test, they don't register omicron until after several days of symptoms have elapsed. If you took a PCR and it was negative, bad headaches are a very bad sign that could be a couple of highly contagious and nasty bugs, so consider getting tested for meningitis.

  17. doubt meningitis no fever, no noticeable pain, & no stiff neck. my theory; super cold virus - rule out flu & covid for most cases. also I live in rita atkinsons & last covid positive case was sep 26 or so.

  18. Damn I thought it was just me! I went to student health today and got me some meds

  19. the entirety of Rita Atkinsons housing smells like gas and fire lmao

  20. i have a very nice Acer 60hz 220 retail take it off me 100 lol

  21. i deadass just sleep in briefs and won’t let anyone tell me not to 💀

  22. can we do a drop in just to simply go over everything to ensure the correct amount of FA/ refund was done

  23. i had -5300 now it’s -1700 shit don’t make no sense my bill was like 5k after adjustments & i have 10.3k that was paid out but they only wanna give me 1700????

  24. fuck bro you gonna be jailed, deported, & expelled

  25. Yes I accepted my grants and loans, when it was -2,600 it looked about right. Today not so much. Have you gotten any disbursement notifications?

  26. try refreshing i live on campus, have grant in aid, Scholarships, FAFSA, and accepted loans, Mine keeps going from -5700 to oweing 5700 i think it’s just a visual glitch, make sure you have direct deposit done to get your refund :-)

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