1. Omg. It’s SUPPOSED to look empty!! How many times does Johnny have to tell you this??

  2. Sorry I’m just a small brained, SSF loser 😞

  3. She won’t say anything unless it gets national attention like the Target story did 🙄 performative mamma for lyfe 🫶🏻

  4. That dress would look 10x better without the burp cloth on the shoulder 🥴 also, I thought John wasn’t allowed at the shower? Did he cosplay as JJD for some much needed girl time?

  5. Yes!! I was actually up in Carnation at a friends house sitting by the fire and we all saw it!

  6. She has successfully influenced me to not buy what she’s wearing 🫶🏻

  7. Use my comment for the pasta, pizza & pass out vote 😂✌🏼

  8. Ali dug her foot over 2 inches into the sand to give Cohn the height differential he desires 🫶🏻

  9. Her matted pigtails 😭 definitely can’t get a brush through that hair, so sad

  10. I’m going to delete my account after witnessing this. How dare you

  11. Ok I’ve seen Emmy’s extreme sad face… but why does this baby have it too?! Is it how their faces look because of genetics? He already has a perma-frown 🥺☹️

  12. Does Emu have walking issues? Why is she struggling to walk?

  13. These are photos of John doing an activity that John wants to be doing and his daughter standing next to him. This is not a father engaging with his daughter and teaching her things 🙄 there’s a difference.

  14. This is me after breastfeeding 3 years straight

  15. Who needs baby spoons linked? It’s a fucking spoon lol

  16. dawg 😭😂 is that a real pic of John? I am dead. he literally looks like a lesbian (no hate to the real lesbians out there)

  17. Yes, unfortunately.. from his stories while they were on a walkie

  18. Let’s see if “someone sends this to Joan” and he posts on his instagram like the TrolliWorm pic of Smeli🤣 hi guys!

  19. If you told me these were images from them being interviewed on the local news in rural SC about their neighbors trailer catching on fire, I’d believe you

  20. HAHAH they give that energy! Except, at least people in a trailer park have a sense of community, it seems! Alligator and Beak have no friends

  21. Agreed, lol!! They would be the neighbors who never come out of their trailer except when they see the news cameras there and need their moment 😂

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