1. I'm from the UK but have lived in the states most of my life. I'm a FTM to a 10 month old and I just cannot understand Americans and American politicians. To me, It is literally this simple: do you care more about your gun rights than children? Obviously they care more about gun rights. I just do not understand at all. It is horrific.

  2. It is wild. We had one school shooting in the UK and everyone was pretty much unanimously like "so regular people shouldn't have these kind of guns, right?" and that was that.

  3. Do you have an update on this as I'm experiencing the same thing

  4. My least favorite is currently Daisy exclusively because the tone of her voice sets offmy babies noise activated white noise machine...

  5. The US is weird, man. I don't know of many other places that have such a bizarre relationship with women's bodies and bodily functions. Formula isn't a necessity and you can just breast feed, but stop breastfeeding when i say so and certainly don't do it in public, don't have a baby if you can't afford it but if you're poor and pregnant you certainly can't get an abortion, it's almost as if women just can't win...

  6. That's a real medical thing called a "hair tourniquet", sometimes the hidden source of pain in an infant who won't stop crying.

  7. Every nappy change I check my baby's fingers toes and penis for hairs. Between the post partum hair loss and the grabby little hands with the strength of 10 men, you really see why so many women opt for a hair cut when they become mums

  8. Basically this, I usually have a favoruite, or someone becomes my favourite, and I'll root for them, but ultimately it doesn't matter if they don't do well.

  9. Yoga gives me a small amount of relief. Cat cows, child's pose and happy babys specifically

  10. Callie-uh (from the UK, but living in Sweden and if i encountered the name here in Sweden I'd take a punt at cah-lee-ah instead)

  11. My husband always ask our baby if she’s made because she’s small. We comfort her and tell her it’s so hard to be little

  12. "Life is hard when you're only small" is a common phrase in our house too

  13. I've noticed it quite frequently, that when someone says they were born to be a mum, its all they ever wanted etc etc when the time comes they often suck at it...I don't know if it's laziness because they thought it would come so easy or disappointment that they're not actually a natural mum at all, but I see it with influencers all the time...born to be a mum and then the most absent disconnected parent ever

  14. I'm European and I hate this "American food is gross" elitist nonsense. I can't wait to visit the US at some point and try the food from many regions.

  15. I didn't even know this was a thing...you mainly hear American food is served in huge portions

  16. Hi, yes! I’ve tried a paci and he’ll suck for a moment before spitting it across the room!

  17. Have you tried to sneak the nipple out and the pacifier in real quick (I call it Indiana Jonesing, like taking an artifact off a booby trap (pun intended) and replacing with a rock before the trap goes off) and using the pressure of the boob to hold it gently in his mouth?

  18. I've got to say...I didn't find the chestnuts funny at first, or even a week later, nor a week after that. But now people have turned on the chestnuts, they tickle me. Chestnuts all the way baby fuck

  19. It gets me everytime, the further he pushes it the more it amuses me

  20. Baby is 8 weeks old and he likes to toy with my sanity?

  21. "Your child is a moth" - quote my husband as he stomped around the house turning all the lights off after many minutes of failing to soothe the over tired baby.

  22. My story might not be exactly what you want, but I think its a valid positive story in a way... So my induction failed, baby was struggling, so I ended up needing a c section. It was painless, stress free, my doctors were great, I was well taken care of, it was quick and easy, recovery was easy- totally back to normal after 2 weeks, no complications, didn't even need any painkillers other than a few days of ibuprofen afterwards.

  23. As someone with a newborn, all it shows me is how the other half lives. 9 month old baby and 4 months pregnant again? She's not spending her nights desperately bouncing a screaming baby, covered in spit up and wondering if she'll ever drink a hot cup of coffee again, is she? Fair play to anyone who can afford to get help, but let's not say "you can do it all" when doing it all costs money. But also I've had 6 hours sleep in the past 50 hours so my brain is soup so what do I know.

  24. She's also protected by the fact that, in the grand scheme of things, she's deeply irrelevant.

  25. My 7 week old baby sleeps whenever he wants which currently is never

  26. My hot tip for when you're losing the will to live and need to pop the baby somewhere safe and walk away...go take a shower. Cold if you need waking up, hot as all hell if you need to feel like a new person.

  27. So respectful! My orange showed no such respect to me after my c section

  28. There was an AMA recently by a woman who was breastfed until high school. It was very interesting but very sad

  29. I'm interested in reading this but it's a risky search term....

  30. Oh man my curiosity has gotten the better of me. Do you have the link?

  31. I'm going to assume that the older they get the less likely to punch themselves in the face as soon as you finally get them to fall asleep they are so im pretty stoked for that

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