1. i hate channels like these. it's not because they are harsh with pete it is because the whole thing is giving eugenics

  2. and just like her he is white and racist and has some fucked up weird relationships

  3. i just HATE when people talk about their exes/partener's private parts

  4. she later said it was a “euphemism” like, i don’t think you know what the word euphemism means

  5. her passive-aggressive behavior is getting increasingly weirder

  6. Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance witnessed 9/11 and created the band as a result.

  7. I made post about it ealier but i still want to know if there another people remembering things as i am. First of all, sorry for grammar mistakes cuz i'm still learning this language.

  8. nicadoavocado used be thin. he was very skinny before he stopped beging a vegan

  9. Khloe even publicly tried to justify it by saying that many teenage girls sleep with older men..such a weird family

  10. it's because khloe dated adult men when she was a teenager. their parents are so weird

  11. For me, it’s Katy Perry. I’m not even a big fan or anything these days but I grew up listening to her, got her perfumes for my birthdays, watched Part of Me over and over again.

  12. i was gonna say a cancer because i am a cancer and i am very sensitive and very dramatic

  13. "We never really saw them kissing or being genuinely affectionate"

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