1. Galicia, Éire, Alba, Kernow, Ellan Vannin, Cymru, Breizh(♥️)!

  2. Sadly you can't do Reims-Troyes by train without passing by Paris, but you can do Reims-Epernay (just near Aÿ-Champagne) and eventually rent a car to Troyes? With a taxi, it would cost you more than 200€

  3. Sometimes it's a bit bothering, there is an enormous dead angle at the front and it's a bit tricky to attach 2 trains together for example!

  4. Hello! You don't have to bend over completely your strands, you can just pass it through your needle a bit to allow you to hold it, like that you have 1, 3 or 5 strands to embroid!

  5. To prevent that I hold it, and I never had any problem!

  6. Rappel que dans énormément de cas, la majorité du coût de découverte d'une molécule pharmaceutique est porté par la recherche publique. C'est normal que les molécules soient dans le domaine public.

  7. Just a quick question: why is Euskadi not in Euskadt?

  8. You shouldn't be screwed! And for the dev, depends on what you want

  9. Thanks for the reassurance! I’m not really too familiar with the push/pull process yet at all—how would the results be different if I decide to push it or not push it?

  10. I really hope I will be formed for the BB22200, because I really love that cabin

  11. Loose yourself on Wikipedia! Go from one article to the other, it's quite nice to do and you can learn a lot!

  12. Fun fact: when they run the Thalys for the EU Parliament members,

  13. Also fun fact: there is not one but two EU Thalys: one for the parliament members, and one only for there files and secretaries

  14. Do they run them as a coupled pair?

  15. TL;DR: Go for whatever you’d like because every Saab has its quirks that make it a pleasure to work on and drive.

  16. No problem! Sorry, I didn’t notice that you were located in France. I know that in France you probably do not have Napa, RockAuto, or Scanwest - the latter of which is a shop in Seattle - but Saabits is located in the UK and RBM Performance (I think?) shows their prices in Euros, so maybe that is a good sign. Also, the headlights in pre-‘87 European-spec 900s are much more similar to those of the ‘87-up cars, although they are still different. Hope this helps!

  17. They are still in regular service in Strasbourg, but they will have sooner or later a much-derserved retirement! Those engines are around 50 year old now, and they don't correspond to modern needs

  18. No, you are not. You don't have to have gender dysphoria to be trans, and I'm so happy for you not having to experience that nasty stuff!

  19. L'Australie n'est pas dans l'Europe.

  20. La Géorgie a participé, elle n'a pas été qualifiée en finale

  21. Yeah, I've never needed one, but I know there are threads out there (Photrio/etc) where people have modded the camera for Graflock.

  22. I don't really want to mod it, but the Instax back seems quite fun tho!

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