1. Interesting, did you shop for it, get a broker or go through a credit union?

  2. I contacted a few different brokers, and did a bunch of research myself online. I ended up going with a local credit union who had the best rate by a decent amount.

  3. Ever since getting my pellet grill, I have only used my gas grill as a griddle. Maybe you should consider a griddle instead of a gas grill if your smoker will handle high heat indirect cooking.

  4. I'm still unknowledgeable on the subject so please tell me if i'm wrong anywhere here. How I was planning on doing this was the gas grill for anything I wanted relatively quick: hotdogs, burgers, wings, steak. Gas so that it's easier to setup/clean so i'm more likely to actually use it.

  5. Not sure, haven't looked into that yet. I've only seen one before that my friend has, it's smokey mountain.

  6. I would just end your fence next to theirs, not touch it at all

  7. Someone else brought up a good point about the existing cement in the neighbors post. If I had to put my own fence up 6 inches from the neighbors, that would be enough for my dog to slip out. Do you know if there's a way around that?

  8. Place your post wherever misses the neighbor’s post concrete and run your 2x4s passed the post and then picket like usual. As long as it’s only a couple feet you won’t have any problems.

  9. What does it terminate to if there’s no post?

  10. Mortgage. Surprised your offer was accepted without a pre approval. Wait for your realtor to advise

  11. I was pre-approved but haven't actually shopped around. The advice I got on here was to not actually shop around till you actually have an offer and know how much the house is.

  12. Then in that case do shop. I suggest you go with a local lender. It will make closing easier. How big a property is it? Is it rural

  13. First of all congratulations! You got an offer accepted without already finding a lender? Or am I not understanding? Haha! Next step would be the earnest and option money that you have to take to the title company. Then you schedule your inspection and Pray that nothing major comes up. Then once you’re out of the option period you wait for the appraisal and pray that goes well. Then off to underwriting, then hopefully you close. All this takes about a month. We are currently in underwriting. It flies by!

  14. Sorry, updated OP. I was pre-approved but haven't actually shopped around. The advice I got on here was to not actually shop around till you actually have an offer and know how much the house is.

  15. New account. Is there a good tier list for re-rolling?

  16. There is nothing wrong with having a retaining wall, and should not raise any red flags. You could ask why it was done but other than that I don't see why you would worry about it.

  17. How much of an effort/cost is maintenance?

  18. i don't advise to reroll for PVE units. a lot of them are good for PVE. just playing the game normally you ll pull for the top PVE units soon enough, so reroll if you want to, but that won't make much of a difference in your progression

  19. are there actually different PVE and PVP units or do you just mean some units are better at PVE and some are better at PVP?

  20. Looking for a turn based game, iOS, f2p friendly that has at least some pvp. I tried epic seven and Arknights over the weekend but epic seven seemed a little too complicated/cluttered and Arknights just doesn’t have pvp. Currently playing call of Antia which has been fun but I think I’ve hit a hard wall and probably want a more popular game anyway.

  21. Brand new player. Just unlocked the ability to do stuff with my Base. What should I be doing to start?

  22. In general, the base should be one of your top priorities. Build and level your factories and trading posts (2 trading posts, five factories, and two power plants. You won't have energy to fully level all the facilities, but building another power plant isn't worth the space in comparison to an extra factory.

  23. does it matter where I put them or anything like that? I have a trading post, factory, power plant and control center. Should I just be focusing on building +1 trading post, +4 factories, +1 power plant anywhere I can?

  24. Brand new player. Just pulled from the beginner 6* banner and got Shining. Should I keep or re-roll?

  25. Brand new player (2nd gacha game ever so I don't really know terminology). Should I be 'recruiting' constantly? Should I be headhunting and taking advantage of the "Exclusive headhunting service: First 10 rolls guarantee 6*"?

  26. Early on you want to build a wide roster of units, so it is worth being a bit liberal with headhunting and going for the guaranteed 5* (Pro Tip: Do single rolls instead of 10x in case you get the guaranteed earlier, will save you some rolls). Once you have a decent selection of 4* and some 5* units you may consider being more strategic in which banners to pull on, based on the strength of the operators that are rate up or perhaps even the ones that you like appearance-wise. Standard banners (the ones that have two rate-up 6*) rotate every two weeks.

  27. Thanks. So when it says "First 10 roles guarantee 6* operator" that means within my first 10 rolls, not that I have to use a headhunt x10?

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