1. Seriously, these pics have been 1/2 smiles and 1/2 you’re being charged with murder.

  2. Flash Flood Warning issued for Orlando. 🩸

  3. Looming Vader Head In The Background is kinda a theme, amirite?? 😆 Great job! 👍🏻

  4. Amazing job! That one actually looks like an attainable 2k! Who’s the maker?

  5. “YEEEeee… YEEEeee… YEEeee…”

  6. The spirits market has become the new famous-dude-get-rich-quick-scheme. Sammy Hagar sold his stake in Cabo Wabo Tequila for $80 million. ...but that was after 11 years of building a positive brand.

  7. I liked seeing Dionne I-Can’t-Stand-And-This-Is-My-Care-Nurse Warwick.

  8. This is the day of the show, y’all!

  9. Any statement followed by “I mean… I’m not bragging…” is usually Top-Tier crap.

  10. Non-puzzler = "Well, that's weird." 🤨

  11. Great job! Have this one on my list. What part was the toughest?

  12. Great job! Putting this one on my wish list. 😺

  13. Thanks to everyone for the help and advice! I’m in the groove now

  14. Going off of your statement... "she has done lots of 1000 piece puzzles in the last year"... I'm guessing she would appreciate a "splurge" purchase from a puzzle company that she may be hesitant about trying because of the price. There are several new modern brands we puzzlers want to try, but the $30-range can put us off. Head over to a site like

  15. If it were me, I'd start with the red and work towards the left, through the orange, yellow, and the bright lime green. Then, I'd work from the red towards the right just through the "warm" end of the purple (maybe one column).

  16. Holy smokes that looks brutal! Well done!

  17. Looks great! What were the toughest parts? Looks like all those 4-pane windows would be rough.

  18. That's... A lot of blue. Well done!

  19. Yours has tons of dark tones. I have dark tones myself, always harder for me to work on them.

  20. That top left looks like it’s a 300 piece solid blue puzzle! 😵 Great job! 👏🏻

  21. Well, crap. Now I gotta get back to work.

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