Baby born with amniotic sac still intact.

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  1. I finished surgical training never having done a mcburney appendectomy.

  2. They’re still done open in low resource countries. I’ve seen young patients with the scar from having it done open there

  3. I sent this to all my letter writers. I began with writing 2 sentences explaining what makes me different compared to other applicants. Then talked about what I focused on during my time in medical school and some of my qualities that would make me a good resident.

  4. Is this welcoming to those who only speak English?

  5. Above is mostly true but nsgy and obgyn are objectively sued more.

  6. Obgyns are sued only like 2% more often that gen surgery. It’s really overblown

  7. Sadly it sounds like these are "for the rest of his life" injuries. The hand has been disabled by severing nerves which are not usually known for their regrowth. The blindness could be caused by a number of things: a traumatic cataract, a corneal laceration, or something that penetrates through the eye like a stab wound. The cataracts are fixable. Corneal problems are fixed with transplants. But a through and through injury like a stab wound would cause blindness that no surgery could fix.

  8. They most likely injuries an artery providing blood supply to the eye

  9. The retinal artery is in the very back and they'd pretty much have to destroy the whole eye to get to it, but yeah hypothetically they could sever the artery and destroy the vision.

  10. Yes, or the carotid artery that provides blood to that vessel

  11. how do people already have interviews? LOL we submitted 9/28...

  12. I'm not sure what your experience have the constant "rounding" of L&D and then the rounding for GynOnc / MFM / postpartum.

  13. Those take like 30 minutes tops lol I’m applying OBGYN

  14. The guy on the left has never touched a weight in his life. Dude has no chest, no shoulders, no abs or biceps. The guy on the right is 11 pounds heavier but gained like 20 pounds of muscle. This just isn't possible in 7 months. Unless he did the cleanest dirty bulk ever in the history of mankind lol

  15. Nah you’re wrong. I had similar growth to him when I first got back to training. You just have to be disciplined and consistent which most people are not.

  16. I took my exam last week. I had a question for example that showed me a cardiac tumor and asked me what specific kind of tumor it was.

  17. Was there some context that gave you a clue or was it one of those histology slides?

  18. It was an image of an actual tumor that was resected out

  19. There is no COOH on the AMC. The NH2 on the AMC is attaching to the COOH of the peptide

  20. Didn’t they say everyone from July will find out Aug 10th?

  21. They’re mega spoilers. I got a 287 on it and strictly used anking

  22. This is right, but that generally only happens with vaginal deliveries, not c sections. The trauma of passing through the vaginal canal causes the baby to release steroids to promote lung maturity

  23. You’re correct. If you took it in late July, probably not getting a score until mid September. After that the turnaround is 2-3 weeks.

  24. It says on the link June 29-Late July will get the m August 10th

  25. Why are you doing questions as a m4?

  26. Look at his post history. It’s cringe

  27. I'm sick to my stomach. The way he leaned back. The way his head snapped. Oh my god this is so bad.

  28. They also messed up by making him sit up and lie back. That might have caused more damage. They should have rotated his body onto his back while holding his neck to minimize potential damage

  29. Oh I see. Didn’t think your arms could get that much bigger in just 3 months. Wow

  30. It has to do with the way the picture was taken. In the first one he’s turning to the side which makes his left arm look smaller that it really is

  31. I am insulting him and defending bearded Hulk

  32. Wouldn’t that mean you have a small pp too

  33. Sounds like Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. Similar to Anorexia, but no disturbances in body perception

  34. Thanks for the compliments! Yeah it’s about 20lbs of muscle, water and some fat. I compete in tested shows so yeah, don’t mind if some people don’t believe I’m natural though, I’ll take it as a compliment.

  35. The acne on your back tells a different story

  36. He deserves a stripped suit. If I had parents that died of covid in a nursing home I would sue the state of New York.

  37. Silly question but what happens on Friday? Why is everyone telling us to wait until Friday?

  38. Contracts expire and they’re gonna have to buy stock which would cause the price to surge

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