1. 70-75 is the cusp for "mental retardation" or what they now call a developmental delay or intellectual disability. A difference of 5-9 points is not very much.

  2. Yes, the next time it’s short give them a timeline to correct it or you’re making a wage complaint with the labor board, i guarantee it won’t be a problem after that

  3. I like to go to my clients other services within the first few months of services and ask them what exercises they would give the parents as “homework” and then I program those.

  4. People telling you the stats and everything are really not getting it. What bothers me about school shootings is (a) younger and younger children are being victimized and even perpetrating these events and (b) there’s no logical cause and effect relationship to why this happens. It’s usually kids or mentally ill people so there’s nothing you can do for prevention.

  5. I’ve heard anecdotal evidence that women file for divorce more often because they are often the “leg work” of the family, and if they didn’t file it wouldn’t get done. Very specific sample though

  6. The divorce rate for lesbian couples is significantly higher than that of straight and gay couples. 26% vs 16% vs14% for the netherlands. IIRC this was after 10 years of marriage.

  7. I’ve been wondering if we’re bad parents for this, our kiddo turned 3 on January 12, we’re going to Disney February 2. We did birthday stuff but we really specifically haven’t taught him “I’m 3” because we’re waiting until after Disney. Our plan is to let him has his binky when we go through the entrance so he doesn’t talk 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. I love me a fried green tomato BLT from patio 44 😘🤌🏻

  9. Oh see I thought about Patio 44. Are they super pricey/fancy? How would you rate their other foods?

  10. I’ve only ever had like their fried chicken and sandwiches, which are reasonably priced (9.99-13.99 ish) but they have a lot of “Cajun food” which is a lot of pasta that’s on the pricier side for pasta. They also have steak that’s priced fancy but I’ve never had it. Was not impressed with the crab claws, but was v impressed with pimento cheese bites.

  11. I have some beliefs but I don’t let it influence who I work for. Like I would work for people that don’t believe what I believe (ie im a Christian and they’re Buddhist). So I feel like they may be those toxic positivity Christians and the more I read it the more I think no way.

  12. I’m dumb I thought you were asking for feedback on an ad you placed

  13. Omg if this was the poster of the ad, I feel like they’d get completely roasted here 😂

  14. I was literally thinking who the fuck posts on a sub without reading a single post

  15. It depends on the conflict, is it clinical or administrative?

  16. Also I’ve known people who hire RBTs or BCBA with a private credential and act in more of a nanny/care capacity, but bill the insurance directly and independently. It may not be feasible depending on the state, but I’ve heard of it in a couple different contexts

  17. There are programs in some states that if a disabled family member requires in home care and they qualify for the state to pay for it, they will “employ” a family member and the family is paid the rate and hours that the state would pay an outside caregiver.

  18. The states aren't the ones deciding it. It depends on the insurance or other funding source.

  19. In my state the state board will only register RBTs to practice

  20. I don’t love that he’s on a 504 and not an IEP. With an IEP, they break down the specific accommodations that are provided for him throughout each subject where as with a 504 it’s just “he’s allowed to do x,y,and z because of his medical diagnosis” from my understanding, I could be wrong.

  21. Why is your girlfriends sleep less important than your sexual desires? You say you’ve done this before and she was “ok with it” but like I really can’t wrap my head around seeing the person you love asleep and then thinking “surely they won’t mind interrupting their needed rest so I can get off”. Do you even see her as a person? Or just a means for you to get off? This whole thing gives me real bad vibes. I hope she has the resources to at least have options and shes not forced to stay with you

  22. Depending on the need, some companies will hire and start you hole they get your credentialing and liscencing all set up. But I agree with other commenters that I would keep my job until I had a offer with a timeline cause some companies will drag their feet

  23. While most everything you say is true.. what does any of that have to do with clinical efficacy?

  24. I also never said it was best, I said it was the only option for a lot of people and the practicality of the day to day as a family with a child who has severe support needs is often overlooked by the “aba is abuse no matter what” crowd.

  25. Gotta respect that. I’ve had to recommend ABA clinics for lack of other viable options for families in need of any kind of support. I know there to be some good BCBAs in clinics but, knowing the business incentives involved, making that recommendation felt dicey. It was literally because everything else has been starved out.

  26. And that’s absolutely on purpose. It’s such a double edged sword because on the one hand, sectors and industries that are revenue generating are generally more available. And as a private business there is incentive to keep clients satisfied and attending, so generally families get individualized attention and support. It’s for all the wrong reasons but at the end of the day, I had a client call me to come over because she was home by herself and her kid broke a window and she needed an extra set of hands. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve explained IDEA to families and outlined that “we can’t handle him, come get him” is not a parenting fail, but rather evidence of an active civil rights violation in progress. None of that is my job, but no one else is going to do it and I’m often the only person who answers the phone.

  27. This is a state license, so if you Google the state plus behavior analyst board, you should be able to fine a copy of this form and some sort of guidance for registration/de Registration. In my state you don’t need a signature to add or remove. In my old state you needed rbt signature to add but not remove

  28. I feel like this is a really good illustration of how sobriety and attempted sobriety don’t mean shit if you’re not gonna take accountability for your mistakes. People get so wrapped up in the program that they think they need acknowledgement for attempting to get sober or for having a “short relapse” but the reality is he took food out of his wife’s mouth to feed his addiction and he didn’t even process how his decisions would affect her

  29. It really depends on what the alternative is. If there’s a well resourced classroom with the right support and he can receive an appropriate education, then Yeah they belong in school. But if homie is just sitting in self contained room running down the clock, then I understand doing fake homeschool. Aba is one of the only settings where 1:1 is guaranteed and individualized, with required supervision so I understand making that choice over an over crowded and under resourced classroom if those are the only 2 choices

  30. I don’t contribute to this sub because I’m a messy person. But I use the 5 things method. There’s only 5 things in this room:

  31. Yeah I get mail from the people who used to live where I live all the time

  32. Forcing a kid to sit on a toilet endlessly until they void (if they ever do) is abusive. You’re restricting their freedom to move their body… if they want to get up do you force them to sit? Do you hold them onto the toilet? That’s literally against our ethical code and just morally wrong. This is just going to make potty training harder because the bathroom will only be paired with aversive things. The kid may never learn to go. And the kid is now losing endless other leaning opportunities because they’re forced to sit on a toilet…… wrong. Totally wrong.

  33. I said negative reinforcement in and of itself is not a bad thing. There is nothing inherently wrong with removing something as reinforcement. People use “negative reinforcement” as synonymous with punishment and that’s not accurate. A negative reinforcement approach is still a reinforcement based approach.

  34. I didn’t mean my comment to be aimed specifically at you, I was more so referencing this post as a whole. There are so many different and actually effective strategies for potty training, I see this “strategy” as worse than a kid never learning to successfully void on the toilet. At least in that case maybe you can teach for them to change their own pull-up. Some kids cannot read the signs their bodies give them. There are people who are adults who have never successfully learned to void on the toilet. This approach sounds horrible.

  35. I worked at a clinic once that had a standard “curriculum” and after their first auth, theyd intensive every kid, simply for optics, the idea of “my kid went to aba and now a year later he’s potty trained”, it was super shitty and unethical and entirely schedule based.

  36. Why are you remote? I can’t imagine doing this job remote

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