John McCain predicted Putin's 2022 playbook back in 2014.

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  1. Fallout, Resident Evil, Witcher, Last of Us- while a creatively bankrupt film industry was bleeding the MCU dry, gaming studios were putting out compelling original content. And now the TV adaptations are here to cannibalize the IP for audiences that still dismiss video games.

  2. I live on this street. While this is funny, it's perhaps not the wisest approach to getting the neighbors on your side. It's very much a Cartman-like "fuck you I'll do whad I want..."

  3. uh yeah dude the owner appears to be a crypto millionaire. This is 100% Cartman Buys A Theme Park.

  4. Speed pro Imaging made those signs!! I helped cut them. PM me if you want to know where to get some custom signs!

  5. I saw Electric Gospel Folk and thought Danielson Famile.

  6. holy shit now there's a reference. ♫ don't want no pottymouth ♫

  7. wtf has happened to this sub, none of these speeches and conversations from politicos are

  8. When did he embark on solving any climate issue anyways? He seems to have dedicated a large portion of his time and energy to opposing any sort of effective mass transit solution that would ever be proposed. We have far too many passenger-less cars on the road and he’s actively working against any cause that would effect meaningful change to that.

  9. They probably mean when he promised to solve the water problem in Flint but didn't, or pledged to solve world hunger but didn't.

  10. this is the post that made me unfollow, so thank you for the reminder that

  11. nah his position was more like "getting harassed in the workplace is not worth making a stink over"

  12. I was working with AP at the time and I don't remember that specific op-ed. Maybe try Wayback Machine?

  13. that guy sucks, hopefully they get someone better to manage it if they bring it back. his "the me too movement is blown way out of proportion and not a big deal" article from like 2017 has been curiously scrubbed from the internet and the Press archives, I wonder why.

  14. The best I ever ate was working for a couple of young professionals who started as employees and bought the business together. They bought us lunch from anywhere we wanted (by popular vote) every day.

  15. Ah I missed that last line. It’s well done, I like the font!

  16. I disagree. Cunt is the last word in America that still has impact as an insult. Calling someone a cunt in Oz/uk is like calling someone a silly goose.

  17. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and our city manager literally

  18. with no Anchorage-based editors or contributors.

  19. It’s a particularly odd comment from Kellen, given that the Anchorage Press was, you know, free.

  20. it was sarcasm but I forgot that Reddit can't tell without an /s

  21. It took her so long to think of a comeback just to say the stereotypical "i dont like your attitute"

  22. It took her that long to process and tone down her gut reaction into what she believed was a socially acceptable reaction.

  23. I like how telsa is claiming he never pressed the brake. He drove that long and never once hit the brake somehow.

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