1. I was thinking it would be closer to $5k-$10k to stage, sounds like you got a great deal!

  2. You know you can get ' virtual staging' right?

  3. Have you had experience with virtual staging? It could be a good option. We had professional photos done about 2 years ago before we rented it out. I don’t know whether we could still use those because they are so old

  4. Yes sold my house in the first day....I was pleased as punch was like $45 per room cost

  5. I'd say if you gotta ask ....it won't be a good idea

  6. We spent about $900 on our fridge (including one of the regular Anaconda discounts). We have used it for 3 nights so far, along with the $30k camper trailer. Hopefully now the weather is getting better we will be using the camper a lot more. And not getting Covid on the day before a camping trip that we have been waiting for for ages (which happened in March)

  7. And I've taken my $10,500 caravan almost the whole way around the continent. About to put my 5th trailer plug on the darn thing

  8. Don't be next. Just don't. It's a huge huge world out there ....at least go and see some of it. Go live a different life for a while .

  9. A lot. If it's a Steadfast broker then the Steadfast nine positions, read up on the upcoming NIBA Code of Practice changes, General vs Personal advice and where that is heading (treasury paper) design and distribution obligations, unfair contracts act, and most importantly read as many decisions as you can from AFCA relating to insurance broking. There is a lot more emphasis being put on contemporaneous record keeping and duty of care towards the client. The last three years have been insane for regulatory change.

  10. Oh fun times it's about to be as awful as risk insurance then? I've been both type of broker but out of all of it for two years hated the life compliance and write backs give me general any day!

  11. My dad killed himself 16 months into my existence. I could spend a lot of time wondering if the pressure and stress of having an infant was the last trigger, but that's not logical. Your dad loved you, but he couldn't stay. That's the only thing I can tell myself to make sense of that. To stop my self questioning if his discomfort and sadness towards the world was greater than his love for me. The questions won't stop in your head but please don't try and convince yourself it was your fault. It wasn't. Live for your dad.

  12. As a parent I can tell you it wasn't you related! I'm sure your dad would be mortified you had even given it a fleeting thought.

  13. There is a risk the landlord will terminate the lease if they don’t sign a new 12 month lease.

  14. I mean you xoukd say you were undergoing IVF treatments but have given up...... I assume you'd pay the mortgage before the treatment

  15. Thank you a lot. I have a few ETFs in my bag and I plan on tossing more into it as time goes on.

  16. Geraldton is ok...they are doing up th3 waterfront. It's big enough to have most things isn't crazy far from Perth. Housing js cheap and lots of nice beaches within driving distance.

  17. Oh buddy I feel for you I really do. It's an awful place to find yourself in. I have not been in this situation so I have no advice. From the bottom of my heart I am so sorry for your loss! right now just get up breathe in and out and take it one day at a time. X

  18. I'm so incredibly sorry. This makes me so sad. People miss and don't return calls all the time it doesn't mean yhe caller generally goes and suicides. It doesn't work like that. It's not your Dads fault, it's no one person's faulty except your brother. This was his choice. A very sad choice. A horrible choice that is no doubt taking your breath away right now. I'm so sorry this has happened to your family. Please take some time off work. It's a lot to process

  19. Send it to wherever we sent focaccia and chiabatta

  20. I'd forgotten all about those!

  21. I say red flag...move on. They went qnd deleted seek before you signed .SHADY

  22. Sounds like you need to drive A to a hospital now

  23. I think while unhelpful and extremely painful these thoughts are a pretty common. Whatever and however things happened won't change that it has happened or the result but I think the brain tries to work out how it all happened, to try and make sense of this senseless act.

  24. I can hear your pain. Your sister was not an extension of you. Her actions were not yours. They were her own choices. It's ok to feel sad, you have suffered a major loss. The Guilt however is not yours, you didn't do anything, I'm sure you never would have chosen this. Please try to put guilt back in is box on a shelf where it belongs. No one co blames you.

  25. It's only new....of course you feel like you do. I don't know how to say this nicely, but it's going to be shit for a while friend. You will smile again, your brain won't be hijacked by loss but it's going to be a little while. I'm so sorry for your loss

  26. I don't know how to say this.... your poor brain is trying to figure stuff out it can't change. While super unhelpful is unfortunately normal. My heart goes out to you. I am so very sorry that you lost your daughter.

  27. Oh you poor bugger. I have no advice just big hugs and strength. I know you know the probability is extremely low but you've been on the flip side xx

  28. Work out what it is in your life that matters / is important to you and focus on that. I mean even in 10 years of your life feels shitty... its only about 1/10th of it...drop in the ocean. So many more great things to come. You are not your friends...stop comparing yourself. That's why insta is so poisonous... its all bullshit

  29. Why would he take $20 when he can take $30..... that would be silly

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