1. An a fan of Emison, I recognize that I only ship the two of them because I know they're strictly characters and not real life people. If I were Emily irl I would definitely have not wanted Alison to be a part of my life at all. I would have completely cut her off.

  2. Alex Drake pretending to be Spencer to have sex with Toby.

  3. this is a nolan north stan account (peter hastings is trash tho)

  4. I love Pam from the end of season 1 and onwards!! She had such amazing character growth, her relationship with Emily is so sweet and caring, and her and Wayne are literally goals ❤️

  5. I can see little Em being so sad to find out about this 😭 she must've been so cuteee

  6. It's exactly the same for me lol. I go through periods where I just watch the show over and over again because it's the ultimate comfort show and I know it back to back. I watch other shows and movie all the time too, but I always find myself coming back to pll

  7. "What's going on with your mom?" - Spencer "Nothing, she's a slut" - Aria

  8. Season 2 :) one of my favorite episodes of all time is 2x13, if not my ultimate favorite

  9. I cannot watch Marco do literally anything. I really hate him and idk why, he didn't even do anything, just be annoying af to me

  10. it's super fun like I keep forgetting Emily smoked weed in the pilot lmao

  11. All 4 of the girls were A against each other lmao

  12. He was hired to pretty much just be a hot bad boy kinda character and was supposed to be killed off in episode 5 or 6 but bc the fans liked him they kept him around.

  13. Yeah, pretty sure he was supposed to die after the homecoming episode in season 1, just like in the books

  14. This what I always felt was missing from the books in the show. These fun flashbacks were excactly what the books do a great job of portraying and the show does less of that. Still love the show's flashbacks though

  15. Pam and Wayne for the win!!! Wayne Fields has my heart and Pam had really good character growth

  16. I honestly love Emily and Pam's relationship post season 1. Nobody gives them enough credit for being a unified household, even with Wayne away in the army

  17. I think Emily was definitely flirting with the college dude but Spencer had no right to judge her for it like she hasn’t done it plenty of times before. Her bringing up Emily’s sexuality was completely wrong though and imo not relevant to her flirting with a dude. People flirt without any sexual context all the time

  18. I agree, she had tremendous character growth throughout the show

  19. This is one of my favorite interviews of the cast!! Everybody in the comments of that video pointed out how Troian is basically Spencer irl

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