1. BBC has been excellent, if you can figure out a way to watch that coverage I would highly recommend it.

  2. I will not rest until the British apple is at the top of the tree

  3. To be fair if I was Prime Minister, essentially on gardening leave, taking a joy ride in a Typhoon would be near top of my list of things I'd like to do.

  4. Listen, I’d LOVE to have a joy ride in a typhoon. But missing a cobra meeting just to muck about in the sky is just bojo to a tee.

  5. On the other hand, he'd be completely fucking useless in the meeting anyway so no great loss.

  6. If anything…. His hot air would make things worse so this is… a service to us all?

  7. Suella Braverman looks like a villain created by Aardman Animation. There, I said it.

  8. Liz Truss makes me skin crawl in a way no politician has done before. I can’t explain it. I think it’s the way she talks.

  9. Liz Truss demonstrates her strength of candidacy by tenaciously (eventually) finding her way out of the room she was in.

  10. I know, and I’d rather them speak about their plans to deal with gestures wildly at everything this. It’s just aggravating me that a party supposedly founded on individual freedom feels the need to constantly weigh in on whether one group of people have the right to exist.

  11. If a journalist asks the question "what is a women", what do you want her to do?

  12. “It’s not to me to dictate how others live their lives and I’m here to speak about party leadership, not on behalf of the female population”

  13. What a mess. I can’t believe he has stopped so low as to block a VONC. It’s just ridiculous at this point.

  14. What a perfectly timed scandal about Boris being an absolute Pig.

  15. tell me your tweets are scripted without telling me your tweets are scripted

  16. Labour comms should be RUNNING to get Keir at a table with a beer and a korma, toasting Rayner

  17. If it were just about proximity to Johnson, Wallace wouldn’t even get out of the starting blocks - didn’t he run Johnson’s campaign to be PM in 2019?

  18. Maybe proximity is the wrong term. I guess I mean it was rare you saw Wallace out on Kay Burley assuring the country that Boris had/hadn’t did/didn’t knew/didn’t know in absolutes before it all unraveled minutes later.

  19. It’ll be between Hunt, Mordaunt and Wallace. Everyone else has been in bed with Boris to a point that their careers are dead by association. Wallace kept his mouth shut mainly and has a good reputation.

  20. How on earth has his resignation speech made me even more pissed off. No apologies, no acceptance, just a monologue of how great he is and how this is everyone else’s fault and then gets to remain as PM for months, in charge of making decisions and choosing the direction of this country?

  21. Jesus Christ when Boris actually goes and we get a stable government I’m going to have to actually do my job

  22. The jeering and booing that’s audible during this speech about how great he thinks he is says it all.

  23. No way will he stay on as PM until Autumn. I put a good bet on for Hunt to be PM by the end of the year in January when things were feeling spicy.

  24. Someone warn the landlords of London that Nadines going to be on the hunt for units

  25. Do you think they’ll let him stay on as caretaker??

  26. Checking in from Australia.... ummmmmm, hello?

  27. Send back the boats we have more criminals for you to take

  28. Do you recon Nadine Dorries stood on a chair and tried to start an “O Captain My Captain” for Boris today?

  29. Am at work and gutted to be missing PMQs. Please provide highlights.

  30. Every time I put that bottle of bubbly in the fridge, fully convinced he can’t slither his way out of this one he goes and does it. What the hell has to happen to get rid.

  31. Will be surprised if Truss has the bottle (or sense) to resign. She’s an actual idiot, and if she hasn’t done it yet it would be so transparent, but she really should resign to start her leadership bid.

  32. Pippa: Hearing that Zahawi has won the tussle - with Michelle Donelan to Education. As per two sources.

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