1. That’s awful that she would even say such a thing. Here you are doing a great thing for your sister (which is very difficult to do emotionally) and she’s trashing you for it. That’s just awful man

  2. I need to get him a new one. Do you have one you recommend?

  3. Suggest you take him to the vet to eliminate any medical issues before blaming behavior. Life expectancy of Goldens is 12 years. Perhaps he's telling you he's going to pop his clock pretty soon.

  4. You have any evidence that 200 separate countries, hundreds of independent clinical trials, hundreds of thousands of scientists and millions of healthcare are all in on the “lie”?

  5. Yeah, the VAERs reporting system and realnotrare. Also #diedsuddenly. Pathetic how triggered you are by my choice not to be jabbed. Get over it🤡

  6. Also, you can still catch, carry, spread and die from Covid with your little miracle shot. And the boosters are having issues now as well. I guess your miracle drug was really worth it huh🤣

  7. My understanding is that ear bites and face bites are lesser more kind of posturing/ back off bites especially if there is minimal damage. It was supposed to show the dog did not have serious intent to harm however shocking it is for us to watch

  8. Damn I didn’t know dogs flip other dogs over and go for their bellies :(

  9. Lol nope! My dog opens doors with his nose. There can be no secrets with Petey around.

  10. I’m really convinced this isn’t about a transfusion I think the doctors mean a transplant? I have an aggressive and recurrent leukaemia and need sometimes 3-4 transfusions A WEEK, this isn’t to buy me time it’s literally to treat severe anaemia. A transplant however, is a whole other kettle of fish and the immune response from that can buy people time or even cure them in some cases. This involves a process similar to donating blood but they give you the red blood cells back.

  11. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. I would be honest about your feelings (minus the trauma part). Parents who force their kids to deal with this disgust me

  12. Lol you guys will bash Christianity but God forbid you bash any other religion. That’s what is pathetic🤡

  13. I bash all religions equally. They're all a bunch of dangerous bullshit.

  14. At least you’re consistent 🤷🏻‍♀️don’t care if u think it’s dangerous I still love Jesus

  15. Short list: Roux, Penny, Maple, Gabby, Kimchi. Other suggestions welcome too.

  16. None but I like looking at everyone else’s

  17. I can’t speak from a tech perspective but they’re very caring and helpful. They helped my one dog Pete with him eating things he’s not supposed to (multiple times) and his heartworm. My other dog Coco they saved her life because they broke her cluster seizures. God bless VEG.

  18. Chewy has some with giraffes and rocket ships

  19. I’m not even a vet tech…just a regular cat mom and I tried everything I gave to my cat lol and yes, temptation party mix is really really delicious!!!!

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