1. Hire a housemaid or something. 3 jobs and cleaning the toilet? Gimme a break

  2. That my company is not watching every key I hit.

  3. Likely she'll have some other remote jobs at the same time

  4. no idea. l was shocked wjen l saw it 🙂

  5. Lots of hate for Javascript or Cypress. Or both.

  6. I think Magnesium is key to avoid jaw-clenching. I would take it during the trip as well

  7. My contrarian view: make sure your work devices are mutually exclusive between jobs. Completely separate set of keyboard, mouse, monitor, headphones, etc will guarantee you never make the mistake of typing into J1 thinking you are responding to J2 due to user error in KVM.

  8. That aint contrarian I would say it's common practice. Or at least should be

  9. The only issue that keeps me up at night is the fear of not being able to work remote anymore.

  10. Listen so technically you can’t… Buuuut you can. Load balance on your paypal and withdraw it to your curve card. Since the transaction isn’t linked to another card in curve to pass it through it will just load your curve cash. Cheers

  11. Where there's a will, there's a way

  12. Which is the url of that DoC website?

  13. Honestly, they just capitalize on the Thinkpad brand with the peripherals like these. I suggest getting an MX combo from Logitech.

  14. En mi opinión, no existe un sector que con tan poca formación, te contraten y te paguen tan bien como en el de la programación. Así que si te gusta, dale y adelante.

  15. If you’re a fan of Fred again I think you’d like these tracks of mine. Massively inspired my his work.

  16. Quite like it. I encourage you to keep releasing new songs :)

  17. I got a much of latitudes and precisions. I see one and I want it. Latitudes I really like the 7490s so if I see one on a deal I get it. Got a couple 5420s, and also a pair of 7290s. I think the 7290 is one of my favorites so far. If I see more of those. Im grabbing them.

  18. Are those Dells as upgradable as the ThinkPads?

  19. Si,tuve pesadillas y cuando hablo de ese tema,tengo flashbacks del momento en que su cabeza... estalló y fue muy horrible

  20. Prueba mdma para estrés postraumático. Te ayudará

  21. I have been applying for months on various different remote apps, websites etc...have 15+ years in Customer Service in fast-paced environments and have not had one call back.. I get plenty of requests and interviews for local companies but I really want a remote position.. I don't get it...wish I had more advice for you.

  22. Maybe you should start to learn coding

  23. Take little, before you take much. Very few people, mostly you.

  24. It definitely helps. I use cbd oil as well, and it's been a godsend.

  25. Mine is related to PTSD/Childhood trauma

  26. You likely have as much as trauma stored in your body as I have got. Release the trauma, love yourself and thus, love the people. Thank me later.

  27. Not everything is related to trauma, so while possible I don't think it's "likely." Lots of Men especially struggle with feeling deeply emotional, it's not uncommon. It can be related to depression, loneliness, lack of intimate relationships, reliance on substances, biology, over-stimulation in the modern world, or nothing at all, some people just wish they could feel more deeply.

  28. It may be that you are releasing your trauma

  29. Don't know. Maybe you ain't ready yet.

  30. That's not cyberdeck at all. That's cybercheap.

  31. Yes they have other Thinkpads also T460,T470,T480,T540P and many more they are all refurbished

  32. Would you share the name of the Instagram's page?

  33. There are two one is in Republic of North Macedonia (the one where I bought from since I live there ) and one in Kosovo (Semi recognized county) so what page should I send you

  34. Haz algún curso de programación online, a ver qué tal se te da. Mucha gente que viene de administración de empresas, de otras ingenierías, etc. La demanda es brutal, y se paga muy bien. No olvides el inglés.

  35. Es cierto, en Tik Tok se escuchan muchas estupideces

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