1. Would you potentially post or at least guide us to the mods you've made to it please as It looks really clean and realistic!

  2. All that's really needed is good pure config settings, a good pp filter, adjustments in csp settings, quality car models, quality tracks and a good lighting angle and camera position when taking screenshots.

  3. Yeah the Porsche one looks a bit bright now that I think about it. Thanks for the tip

  4. You can reduce the light emissive in pure config

  5. I also had this issue with insufficient power to the Quest 2 headset. Ended up purchasing a pcie board with 2 x powered USBC ports. It solved my flickering issue.

  6. I haven't ran any usb tests for quite a while but the last time I did run a test the result was that there was a strong connection

  7. Just had to wait it out for the new software update from oculus but currently the issue has started again I'm assuming it's something to do with amd drivers not working well with some of the oculus software versions

  8. Thanks, one last thing, sometimes a few trees are transparent, do you have any idea what might be causing it?

  9. While your driving or when taking screenshots?

  10. Just did some searching and found that you need to lower your anti aliasing to 4x and some modded tracks are just like that due to low quality

  11. Nordschleife with a winter makeover mod from racedepartment

  12. this link is in japanese, i clicked the green button and nothing downloaded :(

  13. The green button Leads to an external link called 5get click the link at the top of the page

  14. Anyone know if this is just another Forza shitport or what

  15. Its by exmods so yeah it's not very good but visually looks good

  16. Hey man that’s all you need for screenshots right? It’s the same reason why I use Sim Dream’s 963 mod (that I rightfully pirated, fuck you Scam Dream) for photos despite their awful reputation.

  17. Yes, one of the main things needed in making a good photo is to have a quality car model. When it comes to visuals however, if you want the photo to look realistic your going to Need to first of all find a good filter, for example I'm using pure candy. Then use pure config and adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. Or you could go into the content tab on content manager and mess around with values within config file of the filter. There are also some settings that need adjusting in csp to make the screenshots look sharper, you could try my preset on my profile if you want.

  18. Where can I buy it? Is it part of csp?

  19. Rain fx comes with csp previews only and you need to pay for membership to access them

  20. Yeah Im already subscribed and I have the rain it just doesnt look this good

  21. You can adjust the amount of wetness and puddles on the track in the weather planner app.

  22. Isnt that just a picture of the ruffian gt40?

  23. cool mod, do you know who the author is? just curious

  24. Hot GT!! Do you know where I can download this 1st gen 3000gto?

  25. Graphics wise looks good but for it to be a dashcam the camera needs to actually be on the dashboard and not behind the wheel also the camera should be stationary.

  26. You only use SCP and sol? I have a question, I have like a rare grain, like a sand texture, idk if it's because of The options or The 40 fos that i get whit sol xd

  27. The grain texture doesn't have anything to do with your fps. I believe its caused by sharpness, go into csp settings, graphic adjustments and see if Amd fidelity fx super resolution is activated. Turn that off and if that doesn't do anything then I don't know whats causing it.

  28. Forget why i said xd I applied your csp config and it's all good now Thanks men I lost a lot of time trying to fix that πŸ₯°

  29. In love with your graphics, If it doesn't take too long and you don't mind, I'd be happy if you tell me what filters and settings you use. Or if you use reshade or some mod :)

  30. Pp filter is pure candy. I will share my pure config and csp settings later

  31. is your setting of pure dark at night aswell? like way darker compared to sol

  32. Yeah it's alot darker, I can send you a screenshot

  33. how do y'all get the motion blur in the photos? because when i make photos it is always without motionblur

  34. Activate shutter speed on the photo mode app and there will be a motion shot option bottom right

  35. That's just a video lol, i refuse to believe that's actually AC

  36. I cannot find the link for this specific mod but here's a very similiar model

  37. Csp (slightly tweaked settings), Pure (modified config), Pp filter - pure candy (also modified), Max graphics

  38. Yoooo that looks sick what car mod is that

  39. It would be dope if you link the car mod

  40. JPeg format can vary from lossy to lossless. PNG is raw and just unnecessarily large files.

  41. Fair enough. Didn't know it varies and png is pretty large in size

  42. ive noticed that you are using jpeg image format, change that to PNG for better image quality.

  43. I personally think the front is decent definitely a big improvement from the rs 250 at least

  44. I've used that too, but never had a shot this nice lol.

  45. I have done a lot of adjustments in pure config aswell which is why It doesn't look as good on your end. The filter didn't really look too great when I first started using it on the base config that came with pure

  46. Would you mind sharing your config, these photos are awsome bro!

  47. https://www.mediafire.com/file/k6on52dpsjs2eji/pure_config.ini/file

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