1. I’d probably do a comparison with the same car in future if I was you

  2. Would have done that, however the m4 is primarily a dlc car and there is no base version as well the z4 only being a base car so I just had to pick any base car to compare with the m4. Also yes the interior is pretty bland on the m4 and that goes for majority of kunos cars as there is a lack of details in some of the materials.

  3. Do you have CSP enabled? The M4 is one of the cars the CSP dev uses to showcase/test tweaks/features, so has further enhancements (shader/material settings, emmisives, etc).

  4. Love the matcha themed keyboard, definitely the cleanest out of the three in my opinion. Also because i prefer light colours but my set up is all black so the the black keyboard would be ideal. Another potentially good design could be a grey top plate with light orange key caps and black lettering.

  5. I would say it all depends on the time of year on the track. if it's spring or autumn, then ok, if it's supposed to be summer, the tint is too blue, too cold. I would make the tint a little more yellow in this case And probably I'd work a little more with shadows. For me they too dark. If you take a look at the rear bumper of a car in front -it's too dark and looks unnatural Overall-looks clean but needs just a bit of polish

  6. So I guess a warmer colour temperature or more sun saturation, ill check it out. thanks for the feedback

  7. Send me a link when you'll upload it, please. I'd like like to try it

  8. How could post such a cool car and not post the link to it

  9. https://assettoland10.wixsite.com/assettoland/vauxhall

  10. This is that one goofy corner on akina after that long straight, after this corner come the tight twisty turns, this corner also has that parking space area there

  11. Yeah its a pretty awkward corner to make

  12. I’m trying to make the game look like the one in this video,

  13. Have you got post processing turned on in video settings?

  14. That's strange, the filter should work then when applied Unless the filter just doesn't look much different from the default filter

  15. Dayum brah is that a restomodded C1? Can I haz?

  16. yep its a custom c1 by art morrison, btw the mods a gt convert so it wont handle that well.

  17. It’s not the fact that it’s a GT convert that makes the handling bad, that’s not how modded cars work. It’s how the modder did the handling. You could have literally a cube with the best handling in the world if the modder does it right

  18. Yeah I know but it's very rare at this point to have a modder make a quality convert. The only modder that seems to actually make decent physics for converts is esprit3905.

  19. can you give the link for download please?

  20. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/radical-sr3-xxr.57808/

  21. Its the Audi R8 GT3 EVO from Barrikad Crew Studio. apologies for the late response, i replied to you with a link but it got taken down.

  22. Have you tried turning of traction control? Some of these modded cars behave like this when traction control is active for some reason.

  23. "Monaco gp21 by patrickpat" search this up and it should come up with a download link from sharemods in the results

  24. Which car? I tried the 2023 on monoco but it can’t make it around the hairpin.

  25. The mod is from first studio racing but they no longer have it on their patreon, so here's an external link:

  26. Incredible work! Your visual enhancement mods are amazing as always.

  27. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=27902378

  28. I will make a post and share the link in the comments when I have released the filter. So just look out for that.

  29. Yeah the physics are terrible. Only the car model is good for taking screenshots.

  30. That I know, but the actual background is it a track specific and you just park the car there and take the picture? Thanks for your reply!

  31. It's a showroom track called kyoto shoren in

  32. can u post it here like with a link or a screenshot (preffer screenshot)

  33. These are my old settings I'll send you the new settings In chat

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