1. It literally is simple. People are just lacking in discipline

  2. Maths is so easy, I don’t understand why we spend so many millions on maths teachers in school. It’s a basic skill so people should just know it

  3. I use the usb cable with mine. And used this youtube to set the EQ

  4. Are you basically fucked if you need to get an annulet now?

  5. Just search group finder for “rares” or “forbidden”. There’s always groups going

  6. As much as we all know the benefits of immigration, the government can't just add a million people to the country in 1 year and expect it to sort itself out.

  7. Don’t forget anywhere between 250-500k homes!

  8. Typical rag player honestly. They may even be in the top 10% of that server.

  9. What is the obsession with Rag players being bad?

  10. Specifically which government policies do you expect to be different if we have an election with PR?

  11. Well for starters, momentum will no longer have a stranglehold over Labour. And the Tories can split into at least 2 parties, the One Nation bunch, and the racist c%@*s

  12. No worries. I have been refershing the folkestone results page all day, and keeping an eye as they come in. I also was starting to suspect a green majority, hence looked it up.

  13. Is there anything the current government of 13 years could have done to help access to GP provision? It's a mystery I tell you.

  14. Nope, because their entire goal has to be destroy GP provision (and everything else). Helping the issue would have gone against this

  15. It's forming, sure, but not completely clear yet.

  16. From what i can tell looking at councils that are still Blue, it is because only a portion of the seats were up for election.

  17. Honestly, the left of center parties drive me absolutely mad.

  18. Reason #271 we need to introduce PR

  19. Only 271 reasons counted so far? Seems low

  20. I have said from the start, I am not against voter ID in principle, but the relatively short implementation of it meant there were always going to be people not aware.

  21. Should of been printed, in a different bold color on the front of the polling card, that ID would be required to vote

  22. I really want it to be one of those part 1 part 2 situations, and not have to wait 12 months plus for the next part >.<

  23. In many other careers, you could be looking at those same salaries after only a 3 year piss easy uni degree. And your salary could end up higher until the doctor is 15 years in.

  24. It’s not just the clinical staff that are underpaid either.

  25. UK car parts giant Unipart may shift investment to US

  26. I picked out this line when reading the article too.

  27. Diane and Corbyn no longer Lab MPs. Will McDonnell be next? Can any of the Islington People's Party escape the Starmerite purge?

  28. McDonnell seems to be a bit more of a pragmatist than many on the left

  29. Just been chatting with my lib dem friend to see what his thoughts are on my ward (adjacent to his).

  30. Just give us ripoffs of all the stuff the tomb kings had.

  31. Just feed the Ushabti directly into my veins! (although Skorpekh Destroyers basically fill that one)

  32. They're struggling in general, 2022 was the first year in their history they've lost subscribers and they've forecasted they'll lose even more this year.

  33. Doesn’t that include them cutting off Russia though.

  34. Appears smart motorways are as officially cancelled as can be. Whether this should be considered the end or just a moratorium until something in the design changes, I guess the end.

  35. The smartest thing they could do is have automatically raising barriers to stop rubber necking. Not possible I know, but crazy how stupid people are when there’s an accident on the opposite side of the road.

  36. We are perhaps becoming sensitive to sound. I'm just thinking of the olden days when everywhere would have a had a local blacksmith hammering away dawn til dusk.

  37. I wonder if part of this, is that with the rise of work from home, people who traditionally were in the office 9-5 are being exposed to noise that they weren't in the past?

  38. The Venn diagram of those complaining about the kids playing, that kids are fat and play too many video games is a perfect circle.

  39. On what planet are UK doctors overpaid? 6 years of medical school, many years of training, hundreds of thousands in debt for uni, and you can earn a higher hourly rate working in Aldi with no experience.

  40. Also, let's assume 100 percent of young people have a valid ID - ignoring the fact that older people have way more forms of acceptable forms of ID - it doesn't mean they carry it or will be aware of the need to bring it. Therefore, they might turn up to vote, be turned away, and not return even though they had ID.

  41. Something I'm surprised hasn't ever been up for debate is the removal of Sunday trading hours.

  42. It was up for debate a while back. There was even a bill put forward. It would have allowed councils to decide on Sunday trading on a case by case/area basis. e.g large out of town shopping centres could be allowed to open etc. Specifically in England

  43. Please don’t let some misplace photo be the bacon sarnie of Keirs leadership bid

  44. I mean, statistically she probably isn’t wrong. There has been a brain drain from Wales for decades, same with much of the country in fairness, where high paying, “brain” jobs being largely centred in the south east and London

  45. Europe does a good job making Europe seem like the forefront of modern progressive culture. At least from the eyes of an American.

  46. They sure do! No idea why anyone would ever want to leave (says the Brit crying in the corner praying the benefit extends to the Uk due to proximity. Thanks Brexit :( )

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