1. Not perfect at all, but pretty impressive what AI can spit out nowadays

  2. Yes. That is the definition of history. At least partly.

  3. All of them. But they'll all cost 20 so I probably wouldn't buy any of them.

  4. Almost every legal female character in anime. At least.

  5. Yes. I had interest in ow2 for about 2 weeks from launch. After that I didn't want to play anymore. I still played, just to grind BP. After I hit 100, didn't care anymore. The lack of rewards is quite crippling. There is nothing, in ow1 you at least got xp to level up your portrait. Not anymore.

  6. Yes daddy, give it to me I have like 3 hours on sniper

  7. Oh thank you. Finally. I can sleep at night, not thinking about what hentai this was.

  8. Stupid question get off Reddit. You could have just looked at the item description and found out why.

  9. I'd buy it. But I don't have money. Also when did they change the price of elites from 1800 to 1944. Also it would be 10/10 but the skin has a pair of those "underpants but more like shorts"

  10. I'm fine with that. Not going to have to stand shit russian teammates who don't know how to speak the universal language of English and are generally bad at the game.

  11. I think it's a product of people reporting me for "abusive" chat.

  12. They're probably worse. Between this, Gearbox already publishing ROR2 console (and the fucking abysmal results), and them also publishing Hoploo's next game, it's only a matter of time before theyt acquire Hoploo altogether. They'll be gone in 5 years.

  13. I imagined there being an L for two years I guess. I think they earned it today though.

  14. Blizzard got lazy and lied. Again.

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